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Nashville Gutters: Get Your Home Ready for Spring Rains

By | 2018-04-15T20:17:03+00:00 April 16th, 2018|Creative, Gutters, Home Improvement|

Many homeowners don’t realize how important their gutters are. No, they aren’t the most aesthetic or design-forward aspects of the home, but they do serve a vital function: keeping water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. Stratton Exteriors provides Nashville homeowners with high-quality gutters and downspouts that last for [...]

Nashville Fence Installation: Unique and Beautiful Designs With Stratton Exteriors

By | 2018-04-11T21:21:22+00:00 April 12th, 2018|Creative, Design, Fence Contractor, Historic Preservation, Home Improvement, Nashville Remodeling|

For those of us living in Nashville, concerns for security and privacy are growing as the city grows. Many of us are searching ways to make our home more private and secure. Others want a safe place for their children and pets to play. A high-quality fence can increase your [...]

Nashville Bathroom Renovations: It’s Time To Start Loving Your Bathroom

By | 2018-04-11T21:21:32+00:00 April 8th, 2018|Bath Remodeling, Creative, Design, Home Improvement, Nashville Remodeling|

For many of us, a great bathroom is essential. After all, it’s a place we spend a lot of time. Often, it’s the place we go to escape from the stresses of everyday life. A bathroom that doesn’t look the way you want or have the space and features you [...]

Who Says Your Garage Can’t Be Beautiful?

By | 2018-03-29T21:14:52+00:00 March 29th, 2018|Carports and Garages, Design, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Structures, Nashville Remodeling|

Stratton Exteriors has seen our fair share of detached garages in need of serious repairs. We’ve built garages from the ground up and helped homeowners transform their garage space into something they love. These spaces add value to your property, and give you some much-needed extra space for projects and [...]

Does Your Home Need New Exterior Paint? Stratton Exteriors Is Here to Help

By | 2018-03-20T21:24:54+00:00 March 25th, 2018|Creative, Design|

Is your home’s exterior looking rough, aged and ragged? A new coat of paint (applied with professional precision) can bring the life back to any home’s exterior. As spring gets underway, many homeowners are inspired to make much-needed updates and repairs to their homes. One of the repairs that adds [...]

What Should You Know Before A Kitchen Renovation?

By | 2018-03-18T21:42:44+00:00 March 16th, 2018|Creative, Design, Home Improvement, Kitchen Remodeling, Nashville Remodeling|

A kitchen renovation can help bring life back to the most important room in your home. Was your kitchen one of the main reasons you bought your house and now you feel it’s in desperate need of a makeover? The kitchen is one of the most popular (and most used) [...]

5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

By | 2018-03-16T09:08:05+00:00 March 14th, 2018|Creative, Home Improvement, Kitchen Remodeling, Nashville Remodeling|

For many years, the kitchen was hidden at the back of the house where meals were prepared in private. Most of the design elements were saved for communal areas like the living room and dining room, but a change in cultural dynamics has seen the kitchen take on a new [...]

Nashville’s Best Porch Renovations

By | 2018-03-13T20:23:06+00:00 March 9th, 2018|Home Improvement|

In the South, the porch is a central part of the home. Many of us have spent thousands of warm days and lovely nights enjoying our porches with friends and family. If you’ve enjoyed your porch for years, but have neglected updates and maintenance, you might find that it’s looking [...]

A Home Renovation That Adds Instant Curb Appeal? A Replacement Door

By | 2018-03-06T22:17:19+00:00 March 6th, 2018|Creative|

Your front door is often the first thing visitors to your home see. It’s also the last thing they see when they leave. So it goes without saying that your front door is kind of important, right? Even if you take away the aesthetic value, your front door also keeps [...]

Screened Porches Are the Perfect Spring Home Renovation

By | 2018-03-04T20:33:36+00:00 February 28th, 2018|Home Improvement|

It’s that time of year again! The days are beginning to get longer, and springtime is starting to appear. For many of us, spring is the first time in several months that we’ve been able to tackle any outdoor projects. It’s also the time when we start to plan home [...]