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Meet the Stratton Exteriors Team

Shane Stratton, CEO/GC

Shane started Stratton Exteriors in 2006 to fill what he saw as a huge gap in the crowded Nashville construction market: integrity. Stratton Exteriors is a home improvement company that not only cares about its clients and employees, but also provides the best possible craftsmanship, with a well-informed creative vision, and the best customer experience in the industry.

He has built Stratton Exteriors’ reputation as Nashville’s best home remodeling company by being compulsively hands-on and by doing great work every single time. 

Shane loves what he does and his passion is evident in his work. “We really care about the homes we work on,” says Shane. “And we care about the people who own them. If you call me three years from now, I’m going to remember who you are and exactly what we did for you.” Shane was raised in small-town Sturgis, Kentucky, where he helped his grandfather fix up rental properties and worked summers in construction. The work was a natural fit for Shane, who loves to work with his hands, come up with creative solutions, and see very real results. What I do is tangible, and that’s gratifying.”

Shane holds an advertising/communications degree with an emphasis on art/design. Additionally, we went to Sullivan University for his interior design degree. When he’s not working you will find him tending to his other company, Pointer Properties, LLC. This is an infill development company which holds rental properties as well. Shane has lived and worked in East Nashville since 2006.

Shane, his wife, Paige, daughter Isabella and their 3 gorgeous rescue dogs – Eli the GSP, Olive, the blue tick hound/gsp mix and Georgia Glenn the GSP. They enjoy doing rescue and fostering with SouthEast GSP Rescue, The Rescue Project and Rural Animal Rescue. They also are involved heavily in the cycling community with either sponsorships, donations or participating in races throughout the South East/Midwest. They also enjoy gardening, spending time outside playing with friends, family and, of course, dogs.

Shane Stratton CEO Stratton Exteriors

Tommy K – Superintendent

I was born & raised in the Nashville area and have 29+ years of experience in the framing & home business. I enjoy what I do and in my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family & playing music.

I am the “Dad” to 2 dogs, 7 birds, and a rabbit…all of which I love dearly. I have been married to my wife for 15+ years and am the father to a wonderful 17-year-old son.

I look forward to every project that I am a part of and will work hard to make sure each project progresses smoothly.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with each homeowner to get their project accomplished in a Stratton Exteriors fashion.

Shannon H – Superintendent

Shannon enjoys fishing from dusk to dawn, loves dogs and the smell of sawdust in the mornings. His taste buds linger towards seafood and old scotch whilst listening to Merle Haggard.

He’s been known to play a few tunes on the guitar and kayak in turbulent waters.

He brings extensive knowledge in regards to managing projects, has excellent problem solving and communication skills.

Rebecca D – Office Manager

She is a Nashville native and has a 20 year old son and a 15 year old daughter.  At a young age, Rebecca tagged along with her uncle who had a renovation business.

She enjoyed watching the plans come to life as a child, and enjoys working with current clients to see their dreams come alive.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys sneaking away to the beach every chance she gets and attending rock concerts and festivals as much as possible.  She will never say no to a taco, nor will you catch her turning down an iced mocha latte!!

She has found a home, rather than a career, at Stratton Exteriors. Rebecca is confident, accountable, and brings a strong work ethic every day.  

Sam M – Project Manager

Sam has done everything from construction management to respiratory therapy to clerking at the ancient relics of video stores. 

So not only can she support all your superintendents through your renovations, she can also bore you with useless movie trivia and then resuscitate you after you pass out.

When Sam isn’t a slave to the grind, she can be found traveling the world, knitting, reading tarot, and quoting movies (in no particular order). 

She enjoys finding new coffee houses and witchy shops, and long walks in small circles.

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