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Shane Stratton, Owner

Shane started Stratton Exteriors in 2006 to fill what he saw as a huge gap in the crowded Nashville construction market: integrity. Stratton Exteriors is a home improvement company that not only cares about its clients and employees, but also provides the best possible craftsmanship, with a well-informed creative vision, and the best customer experience in the industry.

He has built Stratton Exteriors’ reputation as Nashville’s best home remodeling company by being compulsively hands-on and by doing great work every single time. Shane takes pride in adding value to area homes by making them safer, more efficient, more beautiful, and more functional. Stratton Exteriors provides fair rate for high-quality work and completes projects in a timely fashion.

Shane loves what he does and his passion is evident in his work. “We really care about the homes we work on,” says Shane. “And we care about the people who own them. If you call me three years from now, I’m going to remember who you are and exactly what we did for you.” Shane was raised in small-town Sturgis, Kentucky, where he helped his grandfather fix up rental properties and worked summers in construction. The work was a natural fit for Shane, who loves to work with his hands, come up with creative solutions, and see very real results. “I love being able to help people make their dreams a reality. I like that no two days are identical for me, and that I get to see jobs completed from start to finish. What I do is tangible, and that’s gratifying.”

Shane holds a communications degree from Murray State University and an interior design degree from Sullivan University. When not tending to Stratton Exteriors or his home renovation and house flipping company, Urban Properties, he enjoys running and cycling. Shane and his wife Paige live in East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood with their daughter, Isabella. They also have two dogs, a GSP named Preston and a Blue Tickhound named Olive. Strattons are also involved with several animal rescue projects.

 Scott Ludwig, Project Manager

From Ohio originally, Scott has lived in Manchester for over a decade. Since moving south, he’s been focused on his almost 100-year-old home, doing his own remodeling, renovations, and additions. Scott and his wife have 4 children: twin sons, a daughter, and were happy to recently welcome a daughter through adoption into their busy family.

On weekends you can find Scott riding his mountain bike, kayaking, or hiking trails in Middle Tennessee. Scott also enjoys grilling and smoking on his Green Egg while relaxing on his recently completed deck addition.

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 Office Manager

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