Outdoor living space is “the new must-have home feature” in Nashville, says The Tennessean

One relatively easy way to create more outdoor living space is to utilize a deck drainage system that creates a dry space under your deck. 

In other words, if you have a second-story deck—or would like to build a new second-story deck—consider incorporating an under-deck drainage system like the one we installed for a Hendersonville homeowner while constructing a new TimberTech® deck.

It’s a cost-effective way to make better use of the living space you have, or it can provide you with additional storage space.

What is a Deck Drainage System?

An under-deck drainage system—like the one by Trex RainEscape®—utilizes a network of plastic gutters and troughs to keep rain and snowmelt from falling through deck boards.

deck drainage system

With a deck drainage system in place you can more effectively utilize the space underneath your deck. Better yet, it protects the sub-structure from moisture, prolonging the life of your decking.

Typically, homeowners utilize the additional space in one of two ways.

1. Some choose to add a finished ceiling under the deck and then design an outdoor living space that suits their family’s needs. Most commonly, that means:

  • An entertainment center, complete with a big screen TV, sound system, comfortable seating and a wet bar, or
  • An outdoor kitchen, complete with utilities like gas, electric and water, plus a dining area and outdoor furniture

In this scenario, most of our customers also choose to incorporate recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and other climate control solutions.

2. Alternatively, homeowners choose to turn the area under their deck into a coveredstorage space. Under-deck storage is perfect for:

  • Lawnmowers and leaf blowers
  • A snow blower and shovels
  • Sports and camping gear
  • Grills and smokers
  • Garden tools
  • Fertilizer and grass seed
  • Deck chairs and other patio furniture
  • Pool toys and hoses
  • Holiday lights and other holiday decorations

Better yet, the space can also serve as a carport—or even a place to store a boat.

Regardless of which direction you choose, the use of under-decking is a great way to increase the value of your home.

Want to Add a Second-story Deck with Trex RainEscape?

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of adding a new second-story deck with an under-deck system, Stratton Exteriors can help you visualize and accomplish your goals.

Call us at (615) 750-2148 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about Trex RainEscape, which can be installed in a matter of hours. It can even be installed over an existing deck, assuming the deck boards are removed during the install.

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