Five Home Remodeling Trends

kitchen island with wine cooler

1. Remodeling Trend-Versatile Kitchen Islands: 

Once just a food prep surface or place to stash extra dishes, the kitchen island has gotten larger and more luxurious over the years; by luxurious we mean versatile. By versatile we mean a place to hold things like convection ovens and microwaves and dishwashers and wine coolers and even the kitchen sink.

farmhouse sink

2. Remodeling Trend-Single Compartment Sinks:

Perhaps in the same way that granite countertops became essential to many home buyers about a decade ago, single-compartment sinks (variously called “single-bowl sinks,” “apron-front sinks,” “farmhouse sinks” or “butler’s sinks”) are kicking stainless steel double-compartment sinks to the curb and making many of us wonder why we all ever had them in the first place. Especially when these roomy sinks are so much better at holding baking sheets and roasting pans and babies’ bottoms.

Of course, not all single-compartment sinks are roomy; this cast iron one is nice and petite with a dreamy drainboard that steals my heart. We think these sinks are awesome in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and souped-up mudrooms, too.

quartz countertop

3. Remodeling Trend-Quartz Countertops: 

Speaking of granite countertops, which are not by any stretch of the imagination “out,” quartz is kinda-sorta taking its place as the countertop du jour.

Here’s why: It’s more durable. In fact, virtually indestructible. And it’s not porous like granite is, which means you can spill your red wine all over it and laugh it off. And because it’s engineered, it doesn’t hold any color or pattern variations like granite does (this is a matter of taste, as plenty of people love the variations in granite). We recently dedicated a blog post to comparing granite and quartz.

Aloe and Lemon Sorbet 2013 Color of the Year

4. Remodeling Trend- Aloe, Lemon Sorbet, Emerald … and Charcoal?

Sherwin Williams named “Aloe” its Color of the Year, while Benjamin Moore dubbed “Lemon Sorbet” its Color of the Year, calling it “uplifting without being overpowering.” Pantone of course begged to differ and told us that “Emerald” was in fact the go-to hue.

Elsewhere, I’ve continuously read that charcoal is really the new black, showing up on walls and countertops, even kitchen cabinets. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), more than half of kitchens (55 percent) and baths (56 percent) contain shades of gray.

open plan bathroom

5. Remodeling Trend- Open Plan Bathrooms 

Bathrooms have been transitioning into more open-plan spaces in the same way that kitchens have. See, for example, the popularity of frameless glass shower doors. 

The bathroom wall itself is becoming a thing of the past, according to a new article, which points to numerous hotels which now have no division between the sleeping and bathing spaces. Ponders the article, “Like many hotel trends, the open-plan bathroom layout has spread to the home.

These new master bedroom/bathroom/lounge suites challenge the conventional notions that his and hers lavatories are the key to marital happiness and that preserving mystery helps keep a couple together.”

What do you think about these home remodeling trends?