5 Exterior Details to Make Your Home Stand Out

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Is your Nashville home basic? Unremarkable? A little blah? We get it. And when it comes to elevating the exterior of your home, we're here to help. Check out our five top recommendations for upgrading and beautifying your home's exterior.  A Three-Color Scheme Most homes incorporate a two-color scheme on [...]

10 Home Improvements to Make Your Home Worth More

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  Many of the home improvement projects we take on come from an emotional place. Maybe you can't stand the sight of your beat up front door. Maybe that peeling paint on the side of your house drives you crazy. Maybe you're desperate to update your kitchen so you can [...]

How to Know If Your House Needs Painting

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Denial is a powerful thing--especially when it comes to undertaking home renovation projects that cost money. But sometimes, our homes demand a little TLC. Without it, they can look run-down and old. Few things improve a home's appearance (and add more curb appeal) than a coat of exterior paint. But [...]

Why Are Bathroom Fixtures So Important?

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Your bathroom is a collection of design features and functional appliances that (hopefully) create a cohesive, attractive space. Unless, of course, you have bathroom fixtures and hardware that are outdated, unattractive and don’t work properly. At Stratton Exteriors, we approach each home renovation project with concern for aesthetics, functionality, and [...]

It’s a Fixer Upper: Things to Check for When You’re Buying an Older Home

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Everyone can appreciate an old house. Indeed, they can be intriguingly beautiful, and marvelously historic, but as is the case with people, old age comes with health problems. If you are considering buying an old house, beware! Old houses are known to be prone to a wide variety of problems [...]

Never Lose A Package Again

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With the prime shopping season rapidly approaching and cyber Monday just around the corner, chances are you will be receiving packages delivered to your door.   When packages are left unattended in view of the street then you are at risk of the packages being stolen by porch pirates. That right, [...]

Got Old Windows? Make Your Own Green House!

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You finally purchased all new windows, now what to do with all those old windows. This is a fantast project for an avant garde gardener or the green thumb who needs a good place to keep all the home grown herbs. If you are an expert DIY’er you should be [...]

Guide to Replacement Window Frames and Glaze Options

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Here in Nashville, we have many options to look at when it comes to purchasing a new home. They say it’s all about location, but once you’ve found the perfect spot it’s time to decide if you want to start from scratch and build your dream house, or work with [...]

Your Kitchen Remodel – Budgets; Where to Save & Splurge

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No matter which way you look at it, a kitchen remodel is a big deal. A time-consuming undertaking that can completely change the look and feel of one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, it can also quickly turn into a very expensive endeavor. With home buying [...]