Pardon the pun, but it got your attention, right? Unfortunately, your home’s gutter system usually doesn’t garner much attention until a problem surfaces. Between the wear and tear of the seasons, your gutters rarely get a break. Luckily, there are countless ways to help maintain, repair and replace your gutters before any major issues arise. Let’s take a look at how to best take care of your home’s gutter system:

clogged gutterGutter Maintenance: A catch-all for all the leaves, twigs and pine needles, your gutter system is your home’s main drainage system that diverts water away from your home. As a result, it is imperative to avoid clogs at all costs. Consider installing a mesh screen or gutter guard to prevent clog buildup. It may also be beneficial to hire a professional to inspect your gutters at least once a year to insure they are working properly and to remove any hard-to-reach clogs.

Gutter Repair: Clogs aside, there are several other major issues that can render your home’s gutters ineffective. Sagging and leaks are typically a result of age and where a small hole can be a relatively easy repair, a sag may require more work. Fix minor leaks by purchasing a gutter sealant or patch kit from any hardware store. Sagging will require removing and installing new replacement hangers. Don’t forget that although professionals may require a bit more upfront cost, they are trained to know best practices for any gutter repairs.

Gutter Replacement: broken gutterExcessive leaking, rusty sections and broken downspouts are all signs that you may need a new gutter system. Although not an impossible DIY (check out this article from The Family Handyman for a ‘How To’), it can be a time-consuming and potentially unsafe project to take on. Be sure to call your gutter professional with any questions or have them come out for an estimate.