It doesn’t get much better than these warm spring days we’ve been having lately. Spending some much needed time outside after a particularly long winter is great, if you have the outdoor space to do so. Open air patios are great, but when the weather really starts to heat up, it’s nice to have a bit of shade to relax in as well. Adding on to your roof can be expensive, so for those looking for a halfway point, a beautiful pergola is a nice option. Take a look at the below pergola ideas to see which one best fits in your home:

Retractable roof



Having the option of a retractable roof makes a pergola efficient no matter what the weather.










Outdoor kitchens are a great amenity in any backyard. Having a pergola provides the shade you need while grilling and entertaining.










Everyone loves a good swing, especially one that you can really get cozy in. Consider having a luxurious swing or hammock beneath your pergola for a unique backyard sanctuary.






Living Area



Having an area to entertain that is separate from the house offers a fun, seasonal extension to your home.










Adding a pergola over your pre-existing porch or patio allows you to customize your outdoor space. You can cover all or some, adding a sophisticated element without breaking the bank.







Utilizing your current outdoor space to include a pergola is a quick way to add visual appeal to your home. And with so many options available, we’ll be able to help you find the best materials to fit your style. If you have any questions regarding the addition of pergola in your home, give Stratton Exteriors a call. Our team of home improvement contractors will be happy to help.