by Ellen M. Barnes

Nashville historic home remodeling

This past fall, the owner of this home in Inglewood hired us to build an 8′ box-style fence around her backyard. But, wait, before we get to telling you about that fence and some of the other improvements we’ve had the pleasure of making around here, can we take a quick second to exclaim about how especially adorable this particular Tudor cottage is?

(Click on any of these photos for a bigger, better look.)

We’ll admit to a bias for Tudor cottages; owner Shane Stratton lives in one now, and we love them for their straight-out-of-a-storybook charm. I mean, don’t you expect to see Hansel & Gretel come clambering down the front steps at any second, or to have a gang of gnomes, fairies, and elves appear from around back, beckoning you to come party at their very own Renaissance fest?

So, where were we? Back to business … After we put up this fence, we were hired again this spring to:

  • Paint the house and garage to match
  • Paint the gutters & downspouts

nashville historic home restoration

We just recently wrapped up our painting work here and wanted to share with you. Hope you enjoy this pretty place as much as we did working on it!

nashville exterior painting