A very unglamorous yet pertinent characteristic of your home, gutters are imperative in ensuring water runoff is dispersed away from the foundation of your home, avoiding very costly repairs down the road. Having an efficient gutter system requires regular maintenance and oftentimes with older homes, a complete replacement.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.39.01 AMReplacing your home’s gutter system can be daunting, with many different materials and installation options to chose from. Here is a guide to the various types of replacement gutter options:

Aluminum: The most common type of gutter material, aluminum is inexpensive and never rusts. You have two options when it comes to aluminum gutters: primary and secondary aluminum. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most resilient option with secondary aluminum, made from recycled materials, often has an inconsistent thickness.

Steel (Galvanized and Stainless): Galvanized steel is very economical, popular, and stronger than aluminum when it comes to the standing up to the elements. Unfortunately, the main drawback to galvanized steel is that it will eventually rust through resulting in replacement and repairs in the future. Stainless steel is both very strong and rust-resistant but a drawback is it can be very expensive.

Vinyl: Rust-resistant, rot-resistant and easy to cut, vinyl is the least expensive material option for replacing your gutter system. Unfortunately, vinyl tends to lose its strength with age and in colder temperatures – something to consider when choosing a material.

Copper: Typically reserved for restoration work, copper is beautiful and is very low maintenance. These characteristics come at a price, however rendering copper of the most expensive options.

Sectional vs. Seamless

Sectional Gutter Systems: Sectional gutters are just that – sold in sections and installed according to your home’s size and needs. The pieces snap together using connectors and are finished with end caps and corne
r pieces. As this option isn’t one solid piece, eventual leaks are a solid possibility.

Seamless Gutter Systems: A more expensive option, seamless systems will never leak due to their lack of seams. Installed by a professional, seamless gutter systems can be made of aluminum steel or copper and custom fit for your home.Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.08.27 AM

Depending on your homes location – tree coverage, weather, etc, – one of these options may be better than another in ensuring the longest life possible out of your gutter system. Whatever option you choose, be sure to call Stratton Exteriors, your local replacement gutter professional to ensure the best option for you and your home’s needs.