The long days of summer are beginning to shorten. As the heat shifts to crisp fall air, homeowners are preparing for fall. Fall doesn’t just bring about a change in weather it also hosts plenty of holidays that bring together friends and family under one roof. That being said, it’s a great time to focus attention on improvements to the home. Larger renovations aren’t always the best choice during the fall because it’s not guaranteed to be completed by the time your guest start coming over or you are busy going out of town. However, updates are possible, and we’ve got some suggestions for renovations perfect for fall.

1. Paint the Door

It’s one of the fastest ways to update your home. Painting the front door helps your house stand out from the rest and can be finished relatively quickly. Fall is an excellent time for this activity because the weather is a bit milder and you can get a more accurate color identification. Just be careful to choose a day when the temps won’t dip below 50 degrees at night. If it gets too low, the paint won’t adhere properly.

2. Work on Landscape

Thinking about planting a tree? Fall is a great time to do this because the ground is better for the root system. Placement of the new tree or trees should be strategic. Thinking about where they will go can help provide shade in the summer and make it less cold in the winter.

3. Organize the Garage

You don’t have to just clean in the spring. Organizing your garage will make space for your car. Sometimes people‚Äôs garages are so full of objects and that they have to leave their vehicles in the driveway. You don’t have to deal with deicing the car if you store it inside. If you need additional space for storage, you can invest in a detached garage to give you more room.

4. Repair the Deck

Over the summer the deck is often in use which makes it hard to repair. Don’t have a deck? Now is a great time to have a new deck installed. Fall is great for focusing your attention on it so you can make improvements after the most wear. You can restain, fix splintering, or stabilize railing. Whichever you choose you and your family will benefit come football season and entertaining your guests.

5. Change the Windows

Windows are a bit more expensive to replace, but they can help with energy efficiency and improving market value. Choose windows with an ENERGY STAR are Low-E replacement. They’ll help keep your heating bill in check when the temps begin to dip. Windows can also enhance curb appeal so choose a trusted contractor who can help.

6. Work on Your Gutters

Early fall brings a lot of heavy rain. Eventually, it will change into snow and ice which is much heavier. You’ll want to protect your home by repairing and clearing out your gutters. When they are clogged there is nowhere for the drainage to go and will sit on the edge of your roof. Unfortunately, this can eventually seep into the house and create mildew and structural issues.

7. Insulate the Attic

Trying to insulate the attic on a hot summer’s day is stifling. Waiting until fall will make it a lot more comfortable to complete and give you an opportunity to locate drafts. The cooler weather is much easier to identify than the sweltering heat. Insulation will also help with energy efficiency while you crank up the heat.

8. Power Wash the Siding

A quick power wash can work wonders on your home’s appearance. Over the summer there is a lot of pollen and debris traveling through the air. Taking time to power wash in the fall will make your home look amazing as your friends and family trickle in for the holidays. You can hire a professional or attempt to DIY. If you prefer to go at it alone, be cautious around windows and try not to spray water under siding or behind shingles.

Have your fall renovations completed by a trusted professional. Stratton Exteriors has years of experience helping Nashville homeowners make improvements to both the inside and outside of their home. Visit our website to learn more.

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