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Why Are Bathroom Fixtures So Important?

By | 2018-05-20T21:25:57+00:00 May 22nd, 2018|Bath Remodeling, Creative, Design, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Structures, Nashville Remodeling, Uncategorized|

Your bathroom is a collection of design features and functional appliances that (hopefully) create a cohesive, attractive space. Unless, of course, you have bathroom fixtures and hardware that are outdated, unattractive and don’t work properly. At Stratton Exteriors, we approach each home renovation project with concern for aesthetics, functionality, and [...]

Nashville Exterior Staining: How Can It Benefit Your Home?

By | 2018-05-06T21:18:19+00:00 May 15th, 2018|Creative, Design, Home Improvement, House Siding|

If you have cedar shake, lap or reclaimed wood siding on your home, you know how important maintenance is. Regular exterior staining and upkeep, performed by a professional contractor, can help ensure the beauty and longevity of your home's siding. Summer is a wonderful time of year, bringing warm weather, [...]

Let’s Talk About Pergolas

By | 2018-05-01T20:59:19+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Creative, Decks and Outdoor Spaces, Home Improvement|

Is a pergola the perfect upgrade to your home’s outdoor space? We think so, too.   The word ‘pergola’ comes from the Latin ‘pergula’, meaning projecting eave. Today, we know pergolas as those dreamy, open-roofed structures that have cross-rafters laced with flowers and vines. Pergolas transform backyards, decks and porches [...]

For Stunning Screen Rooms, Choose Stratton Exteriors

By | 2018-05-06T18:30:48+00:00 May 2nd, 2018|Home Improvement|

The warmer weather has all of us here at Stratton Exteriors feeling inspired. We want to create outdoor spaces that look, function and feel unique. We’re always striving to go the extra mile in design. And recently, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some clients on creating and building [...]

Nashville Deck Staining With Stratton Exteriors

By | 2018-05-01T20:20:08+00:00 April 29th, 2018|Decks and Outdoor Spaces, Design, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Structures|

You love your deck, but after a few years in the Nashville weather, it’s looking worse for the wear. How can you improve it’s look without taking away the rustic, natural appearance of the lumber? The answer is professional staining. A professional staining with a trustworthy contractor can extend the [...]

Soffits and Fascia: They’re More Important Than You Think

By | 2018-05-01T20:20:59+00:00 April 22nd, 2018|Creative, Design, Gutters, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Structures, Roofing|

Last week, we talked about how important high-quality gutters are (especially during Tennessee’s rainy spring and summer seasons). This week, we’re looking at some other unsung heroes of home roof design: soffits and fascia. If you’re unsure what these words mean, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with what [...]

Nashville Gutters: Get Your Home Ready for Spring Rains

By | 2018-05-01T20:19:21+00:00 April 16th, 2018|Creative, Gutters, Home Improvement|

Many homeowners don’t realize how important their gutters are. No, they aren’t the most aesthetic or design-forward aspects of the home, but they do serve a vital function: keeping water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. Stratton Exteriors provides Nashville homeowners with high-quality gutters and downspouts that last for [...]

Nashville Fence Installation: Unique and Beautiful Designs With Stratton Exteriors

By | 2018-04-11T21:21:22+00:00 April 12th, 2018|Creative, Design, Fence Contractor, Historic Preservation, Home Improvement, Nashville Remodeling|

For those of us living in Nashville, concerns for security and privacy are growing as the city grows. Many of us are searching ways to make our home more private and secure. Others want a safe place for their children and pets to play. A high-quality fence can increase your [...]

Nashville Bathroom Renovations: It’s Time To Start Loving Your Bathroom

By | 2018-04-11T21:21:32+00:00 April 8th, 2018|Bath Remodeling, Creative, Design, Home Improvement, Nashville Remodeling|

For many of us, a great bathroom is essential. After all, it’s a place we spend a lot of time. Often, it’s the place we go to escape from the stresses of everyday life. A bathroom that doesn’t look the way you want or have the space and features you [...]

Who Says Your Garage Can’t Be Beautiful?

By | 2018-03-29T21:14:52+00:00 March 29th, 2018|Carports and Garages, Design, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Structures, Nashville Remodeling|

Stratton Exteriors has seen our fair share of detached garages in need of serious repairs. We’ve built garages from the ground up and helped homeowners transform their garage space into something they love. These spaces add value to your property, and give you some much-needed extra space for projects and [...]