Nashville Roofing: Metal vs. Shingle Roofs

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A new roof is a huge (and intimidating) investment. With the right contractor and materials, however, your investment can last for several decades. In fact, many high-quality roofs can last up to 50 years or more. Stratton Exteriors is proud to be one of Nashville's leading roof contractors. We use [...]

Nashville Roof Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your Roof

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Your roof may not be the most exciting or visually stimulating part of your house. But it is one of the most important parts. Here's how you can extend the life (and look) of your home's roof. Maintain Your Soffits, Fascia and Downspouts We've spoken before about the importance of your home's [...]

Soffits and Fascia: They’re More Important Than You Think

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Last week, we talked about how important high-quality gutters are (especially during Tennessee’s rainy spring and summer seasons). This week, we’re looking at some other unsung heroes of home roof design: soffits and fascia. If you’re unsure what these words mean, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with what [...]

Stratton Exteriors Wins Best of Houzz Customer Service Award

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Stratton Exteriors’ commitment to excellence is recognized by professional home remodeling and design community. Stratton Exteriors, an influential member of Nashville’s remodeling, renovation, and home improvement contractors is pleased to announce they have won a Best of Houzz award in the customer service category for 2018.   […]

Don’t Let Your Holiday Decorations Damage Your Roof

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The holidays are the most wonderful time of year, full of family time, presents and, of course, those incredible holiday decorations. If you love to decorate your home for the holidays, you know how magical and beautiful lights draped from the roof can look. Unfortunately, roofs aren’t indestructible, and even [...]

3 Home Renovations to Do This Fall

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Fall is in full swing, which means festive decorating, football season, and gearing up for the holidays. For many homeowners, the long summer days and warm weather motivate us to complete renovation projects. As the weather cools off and we spend more time indoors, we spend less time working on [...]

3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Roof Repair or Replacement

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Your home’s roof has an important job: literally protecting you from the elements and keeping you (and your family, belongings, pets, etc) safe and dry. So it goes without saying that taking care of your roof is kind of important. Unfortunately, it’s also…a roof. It’s not necessarily the center of [...]

The Importance of Gutters

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If you live in Nashville, you know that when it rains, it really, really rains. We know that gutter repair and maintenance isn’t the most exciting home improvement (for that, build an outdoor kitchen or spa). However, if you haven’t checked your gutters and downspouts lately, you may be in [...]

Preparing Your Home for Fall and Winter

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This summer was one of the hottest on record. The thought on everyone’s minds was simply “How can I stay cool?” Air conditioners worked over time. Ice makers were on full throttle. Shade trees were sought but didn’t offer much comfort. Now, with August rolling to a close and September [...]