Thinking About a Stone Patio Instead of a Wood Deck?

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If you've been considering an upgraded outdoor space for you home, you have some important choices to make. One of the biggest choices is the right material. Today, we're comparing wood decking and stone patios--including maintenance, looks and lifespan. Choosing a Stone Patio Choosing stone over a wood deck has [...]

Top Patio Materials: Which One Should You Choose? Part 1

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Outdoor spaces are more important than ever before, especially when it comes to boosting home value. In fact, a recent report from the National Association of Realtors® revealed that a new patio was among homeowners' most desired outdoor renovations. The same report placed new patios in the top 5 for outdoor [...]

The Best Outdoor Entertainment Spaces for Football Season

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Football’s preseason has started, and the official kick-off is next month! For years, watching the games with friends and family has been an American tradition. Because football season begins in September, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the games while outside. Tennesseans are lucky enough to experience a [...]

Stonework with Stratton Exteriors: How Can We Transform Your Home?

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Whether you just bought your home or you've owned it for years, you never stop thinking of ways to improve it. A new flagstone patio, outdoor kitchen, screen room or kitchen remodel can breathe new life into a home. Custom home upgrades also have the power to push your home's [...]

Nashville Outdoor Renovations: How Can You Transform Your Home?

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Which exterior renovation can provide your home with the biggest dose of curb appeal and functionality? Stratton Exteriors can create everything from pergolas and decks to stone fireplaces and patios. Each of these spaces can provide you with an outdoor paradise to enjoy for years. Maybe your ideal outdoor space [...]

Stratton Exteriors Wins Best of Houzz Customer Service Award

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Stratton Exteriors’ commitment to excellence is recognized by professional home remodeling and design community. Stratton Exteriors, an influential member of Nashville’s remodeling, renovation, and home improvement contractors is pleased to announce they have won a Best of Houzz award in the customer service category for 2018.   […]

Get The Nashville Outdoor Space You’ve Always Wanted

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  Does the colder weather have you daydreaming about warm evenings relaxing in your outdoor space? It may seem premature to start thinking about updating your home with a patio or deck, but it’s actually the perfect time of year to start the designing process. Getting a headstart means your [...]

Flagstone: The Perfect Patio Material

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Your patio is one of the highlights of your home—especially during fall. With the crisp, cool weather finally arriving, it’s nice to relax outdoors with family and friends, free from the heat, humidity and bugs that Tennessee summertime brings. Stratton Exteriors is proud to have built some of Nashville’s most [...]

Want to Boost Your Home’s Value? Invest in a Patio Cover

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Nashville is one of the rainiest major cities in the United States. It also has some of the hottest, most humid summers around. Hot, humid, rainy weather can make being outside pretty miserable—and that’s no good when you have a great patio on your home. A patio cover can transform [...]

3 Summer Home Improvements You Can’t Live Without

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Nashville’s gorgeous (albeit wet) spring is swiftly drawing to a close. Summer is on the horizon and we think it’s best to be prepared. We’ve got a few ways to help you make the most out of your home and outdoor spaces this summer. These popular home improvement projects are [...]