The Psychology of Wall Color

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When it comes to our homes, many of us are terrified of color. After all, a bright wall color feels like a huge commitment--one that can become an eyesore in an otherwise gorgeous house. Color has an impact on how a space feels, and how we react to it. It [...]

5 Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

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Even when you live in a large home, there always seems to be one bathroom that's a little on the small side. For homes that are actually small, cramped bathrooms can be a real drawback. Stratton Exteriors has years of experience helping homeowners make big improvements to small bathroom. If [...]

5 Ideas for Tearing Down Walls

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It's been over 20 years since the Dixie Chicks' ode to "Wide Open Spaces" but the trend of taking down walls is stronger than ever. When it comes to renovating an old home, many homeowners want to open things up--turning three tiny, claustrophobic rooms, say, into one big room. Open [...]

10 Home Improvements to Make Your Home Worth More

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  Many of the home improvement projects we take on come from an emotional place. Maybe you can't stand the sight of your beat up front door. Maybe that peeling paint on the side of your house drives you crazy. Maybe you're desperate to update your kitchen so you can [...]

Thinking About a Stone Patio Instead of a Wood Deck?

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If you've been considering an upgraded outdoor space for you home, you have some important choices to make. One of the biggest choices is the right material. Today, we're comparing wood decking and stone patios--including maintenance, looks and lifespan. Choosing a Stone Patio Choosing stone over a wood deck has [...]

Garages Aren’t Just For Cars Anymore

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Carports and garages both have a ton of uses. Just think about all the ways Nashville carports and garages can be utilized. Protect your vehicle from damaging Tennessee rain, wind and hail. Discreetly store items you don't always need. Transform the space into an extra living area you can rent out [...]

Key Features of a Modern Kitchen

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We've been writing a lot about kitchens lately--mostly because they're such an important part of a home's layout, and we often meet clients who want to modernize a kitchen that has outdated features. Throughout history, the average kitchen has undergone dramatic changes. In earlier years, it was a purely utilitarian [...]

Nashville Roofing: Metal vs. Shingle Roofs

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A new roof is a huge (and intimidating) investment. With the right contractor and materials, however, your investment can last for several decades. In fact, many high-quality roofs can last up to 50 years or more. Stratton Exteriors is proud to be one of Nashville's leading roof contractors. We use [...]

The Pros of Purchasing a New Construction Home

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Home-buying can be an intimidating process, with multiple choices at every stage. Should you purchase inside the city or in a quaint suburb? Should you buy an older home or a newer home? Big yard or small yard? Brick or siding?  The choices and possibilities seem endless. One of the [...]

3 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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The balance of light and dark is important in every room in your home, but perhaps never moreso than in your kitchen. After all, you're reading recipes, preparing food, measuring things, chopping things--you need good lighting! Kitchen lighting is also important for ambiance. This is especially true if you have [...]