Tile. Color scheme. Layout. All of these design elements come together to create the feel and function of a bathroom. Unfortunately, in bathrooms packed full of cabinetry, surfaces, shelving and hardware, the form can feel cluttered and the function can get lost.

As many homeowners move towards more streamlined design preferences, bathrooms are becoming more minimalist. In Nashville, homeowners and home buyers are looking for bathroom upgrades that are more quality than quantity. At Stratton Exteriors, we specialize in clean, classic bathroom design that gives our clients exactly what they need. Whether it’s unique tile design, beautiful hardware, or a great color scheme, we believe every bathroom can become the space of a client’s dreams.

We’ve completed quite a few bathrooms lately–and many of them have a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Check out some of our favorites below.

Marble Tile Masterbath

Minimalist Marble Bathroom First Paragraph With Logo

This masterbath has it all–space, utility, and a charming minimalist layout.

The clear glass shower, paired with an understated tile for the shower floor and classic marble throughout, makes this masterbath a stunner. The best part? There’s just enough shelving and storage for day-to-day efficiency, but not so much that the room feels cluttered. Add in a single pane high window, and you have a gorgeous minimalist bathroom.

Marble Tile With Chevron Accent and White Bathtub

Full Marble Bathroom with Herringbone

With this bathroom, we wanted to give the client something classic, yet distinctly contemporary. The chevron tile accent in the center of the shower provides dimension while maintaining the muted, sleek color scheme. The marble is a timeless classic, while the all-white bathtub and tasteful fixtures maintain a feeling of serenity. There’s plenty of open, undisturbed space without sacrificing the essential storage and features every homeowner wants.

Classic Bathroom, Minimalist Features

classic bathroom minimalist features

This remodel transformed a cramped bathroom with few redeeming design qualities into a minimalist oasis. The classic white bathtub fits perfectly in front of the single-pane picture window, while the adjoining shower features crisp white subway tile. The ornate chandelier–undoubtedly the statement piece of the room–serves as a focal point, providing dimension and elegance.

Are you ready to dive into minimalist bathroom design with a Nashville contractor you can trust? Stratton Exteriors has years of experience helping clients achieve the designs they’ve been dreaming of.

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