So you’ve decided to make a major change to your home. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or renovating a bathroom, you are undertaking a big home improvement. Depending on the extent of your renovation, you may need a number of different specialists ranging from carpenters to plumbers and everything in between. Coordinating these workers, setting up timelines, and ensuring you’re getting the most bang for your buck can be an arduous task. Thats where general contractors step in. But how do you know if your home improvement can benefit from a remodeling or renovation contractor? Continue reading to find out.

Think of a general contractor as the ring leader of the home improvement circus. They will work directly with you from start to finish, coordinating the assorted subcontractors. One of the reasons many people hire renovation contractors is because it is their job to oversee all aspects of the construction process and to fix any issues that arise. In addition, remodeling contractors have a hand in the purchasing of materials, often negotiating a better price than you would have on your own.

Does your job require a home improvement contractor? Basic rules to follow are as follows:

Will the renovation/remodel take longer than a week? Something that can take over 40 hours of manual labor is going to be a hefty job. Basic home improvements that can be completed in a few days probably won’t benefit from the expertise of a general contractor.

Will the renovation/remodel require more than two subcontractors? If you will need a counter person, a cabinet person, a plumber and electrician for your kitchen remodel, a general contractor is a good bet. They will relieve the burden of coordinating each project and ensure everything is kept on track. Nothing is worse than a huge overhaul that ends up taking much longer than it should.

Will the renovation/remodel requires more than one permit? Permits can be tricky. Having someone well-versed in home renovation permits can be a blessing in and of itself.

Much like you would for any big purchase, you’ll want to shop around for a residential general contractor. Acquire bids for your project and keep in mind that the least expensive offer may not be the best. If you have any questions regarding the hiring of a home renovation or remodel contractor, or you are looking to obtain one for your next home improvement, give Stratton Exteriors a ring.




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