Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an old one, making decisions about your kitchen can be tough. After all, it’s arguably the most important room in the house.

Cabinetry, hardware, appliances, fixtures and decor each have a huge impact on how your kitchen looks and functions. And while they’re all equally important, there is one element of your kitchen that can dramatically improve (or worsen) its appearance and function in one fell swoop. Which element is that, you may wonder? It’s the countertops. 

Your kitchen counters take up a ton of real estate in your kitchen. In fact, most home designers recommend countertops that are least three feet deep for optimal food prep space. With your counters taking on a front-and-center role in your kitchen, it’s important to choose countertop materials that work with your design goals and your kitchen needs.

We know how important these elements are when remodeling or designing a kitchen space. That’s why we’re passionate about helping our clients choose the best countertop materials for their unique kitchens.

Check out a few of Stratton Exteriors’ absolute favorite kitchen countertop materials. 


Granite Countertops

Granite is easily the most popular kitchen countertop material for our kitchen remodels. And it’s easy to see why.

Granite is an earthy-looking, natural stone that offers sophistication and performance. It comes in tons of colors, with an almost-endless array of grain patterns and threading. Most slabs of granite are completely unique, offering homeowners a one-in-a-million countertop asesthetic. The stone is also resistant to scratches, chips, heat damage and nicks from knives or cooking utensils. As long as you stay on top of maintenance–regular sealing to protect it from stains and other wear and tear–your granite countertops should add value to your home and look great for years.


ButcherBlock counter top kitchen


Butcherblock countertops can add a rustic, almost industrial look to kitchens that need a dynamic design addition. A butcherblock island can become an eye-catching addition to your kitchen, providing even more food prep and eating space.

With proper sealing and care, butcherblock is also surprisingly durable. Most wear and tear–knicks, stains, dents–can be sanded out and easily repaired.


Finished Kitchen With Marble Countertops

Marble is an undeniably gorgeous, luxurious stone that transforms any kitchen or bathroom. Between Calacatta, Carrarra and Statuario marbles, you can find the perfect amount and tone of gray veining for your kitchen counters. And no two marble slabs are alike. People who choose marble are getting a completely unique veining pattern that is only in their kitchen. Few stones add more exclusive elegance and sophistication to a space, so for those of you set on making a bold and upscale design impact, marble is a great choice.

While marble is visually stunning, it can be tricky to maintain if you don’t get your countertops properly sealed. As marble is a natural stone, it may also change in color or finish over time. If you’re dedicated to its maintenance, however, marble countertops can be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

So there you have it: a few of Stratton Exteriors’ favorite kitchen countertop materials. 

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