Nashville is one of the rainiest major cities in the United States. It also has some of the hottest, most humid summers around.

Hot, humid, rainy weather can make being outside pretty miserable—and that’s no good when you have a great patio on your home.

A patio cover can transform your patio from a clear-weather-only hangout to an all-weather oasis. It can also add an element of style and curb appeal to your home…if you choose a contractor with the design skills to make it happen.

Stratton Exteriors specializes in beautiful, functional patio covers that will make your home look amazing and let you enjoy your patio, grill and outdoor space no matter what the weather brings.

Check out some of the patio cover styles that Stratton Exteriors can create for your home.

Simple Overhang

simple overhang

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

A simple overhang is the perfect way to add some picturesque protection to your patio area.

Protect your grill and outdoor seating from rain or snow, and give your houseguests somewhere to gather, even if it’s raining.

Picturesque Design

Patio Design

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

Dreaming of a patio area that has breathtaking design elements?

Consider an specialized patio cover from Stratton Exteriors.

Stratton specializes in creating beautiful patio covers that complement your home’s style and design, while also providing form and function.

Peaked Roof Patio Cover

peaked roof

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

A peaked roof patio cover can provide dramatic architectural flare to your home or outdoor kitchen area.

Melding perfectly with the rest of your house’s style, a peaked roof patio cover is a natural extension of your home’s appearance. With Stratton Exteriors’ design expertise, you can get a peaked roof patio that makes your patio a perfect outdoor space.

Stratton Exteriors: Your Patio Cover Experts

When it’s time to invest in a cover for your patio, you need a contractor that has design expertise and can deliver on your vision—within your budget.

Stratton Exteriors’ expert team can construct beautiful patio covers in a variety of styles—and we will work with you to choose the style that best suits your home’s construction.

Contact Stratton Exteriors today to learn more about our patio cover options.