When it comes to designing and organizing a home, the garage is quite often neglected or, at the very least, treated as an afterthought. Sure, it’s a great place to keep your car out of the weather or to tackle that latest DIY project on your to-do list, but for most people, it becomes a cluttered catch-all with little to no thought given to how it can be better organized. If this sounds like your garage (or even if you’re considering a garage addition), here are seven simple ways you can organize and better optimize that space for your benefit.


1. Ceiling Storage

Use lumber to assemble flanges and mount them to the ceiling joists in your garage. Once installed, slide storage bins into the flange. With four flanges that are long enough to store two 14-gallon totes between each, you’ll essentially gain 84 gallons of additional storage space. (Full instructions for this project can be found here.)


(Image credit: FamilyHandyman.com)


2. Wall Rack for Tools

Get those rakes, shovels and other garden and yard tools off the floor and out of the way with this creative wall-mounted tool rack. All you need are a couple of boards, some tool hooks, a drill and a saw to do your cutting. (For a full list of instructions, click here.)


(Image credit: Instructables.com – member pudtiny)


3. Wall-Mounted, Foldable Workbench

Whether you’re adding a garage or trying to organize your existing one, this clever space-saving workbench design is perfect for those weekend warriors who need a place to tackle their projects but don’t want all their tools getting lost or taking up too much precious real estate. A pegboard, some plywood and a few tools and hardware are all that’s required. (Check out the full project walk-through here.)


(Image credit: Instructables.com – member WorkBoots09)


4. Repurposed File Cabinet

Have an old file cabinet sitting around, collecting dust? Repurpose that puppy and turn it into a killer storage unit for all your garden tools. Sand it, paint it and add a pegboard to the side for additional storage of tape, tools and other gadgets. Install wheels and you’ve got a quick, convenient way to organize your workspace. (Here are the full project instructions.)


(Image credit: Trash to Treasure – tttreasure.com)


5. Custom Wall Storage System

For those that are a bit more ambitious (and perhaps have a little more wiggle room with their budget), there’s this full-wall storage unit that – according to the DIY folks at The Family Handyman – can be custom built in just a few days. This unit covers a space of 16 feet of wall and costs a few hundred bucks, but the ability to neatly store everything from yard tools and hoses to ladders and anything else you can think of is well worth the time and money you invest. (Step-by-step instructions can be found here.)

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.27.47 AM

(Image credit: FamilyHandyman.com)


6. DIY Wall Bumpers

For most of us, it’s not just about organizing the stuff we have in the garage, but also making sure we can maximize the use of space we have within. Unfortunately, parking your vehicle inside can take up a good chunk of that space. You can squeeze your car in closer and leave more space around it by simply installing pool noodles along the walls. That way you won’t have to worry about banging your car door when you open it. Genius!


(Image credit: Must Do via Pinterest)


7. Opt Out of Storage

Nobody says you have to use your garage (or at least not all of it) for storage. In fact, nobody says it even needs to be used for a car. If you’ve got the space and you’re not utilizing it, why not consider converting it into something else, like an office (as pictured below) or a home gym? Our experienced garage addition contractors can work with just about any idea you’ve got, so let’s start a conversation!


(Image credit: LeftLaneDesigns)

Have a garage that’s unorganized and in disarray? Recently build a garage or are thinking about adding a garage to an existing home? Hopefully these ideas have inspired you enough to get your creative juices flowing. Need help? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you get the most out of this extra space in your home.