As Nashville continues to grow and thrive, the housing market has been as well. Smaller living spaces are becoming the norm, especially for those who are single or have small families. Learning how to best utilize what space you have available can be tricky but can help make your home feel cozy and, well, not so small. Here are some tips for living in a small home.

Look up and we don’t just mean in the optimistic sense. Utilizing wall space is key when living small. Bookshelves, built-ins, and other shelving units are your best bet for storage spaces that offer the most bang for your buck. If possible, go all the way up to the ceiling and over doors. You’ll be surprised at the useable space.

Furniture if you’re bringing your old furniture into the space, try putting each piece up against the wall to make the room appear bigger. If you can afford new furniture, think storage. Ottomans and sofa beds are multipurpose and can be real space savers.

Neutral colors If you are thinking of painting your space, keep in mind that neutral colors give the illusion of a bigger space more so than bold, vibrant options.

Stay organized This is so important in a small space because even the tiniest mess can look like a war zone when space is tight. Make sure everything has its place and if possible, make your organization look lovely – think matching jars and labels or pretty bins.

Get creative Is there extra room under the staircase? That’s a great place for shelving. The area under your beds is a great place to stash items that aren’t used everyday and unused closets can hold more than just clothes.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to creatively storing your items is key when living in a small space. If you are looking to revamp or renovate your home to help make more room, give Stratton Exteriors a call. We’d love to come take a look and offer the best advise for getting the most out of your living space.

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