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If you plan on owning your home for many years and it happens to be an older home, chances are you’ll end up having to replace your windows at some point. The problem is, window replacements – in Nashville in particular – can be complicated and confusing. How can you know you’re making the right choices and will achieve the best possible results for your home? Here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction.

Types of Glass

When it comes to replacement windows, there are several types of glass you will need to consider. The best way to determine which type is best for your needs is to weigh each one’s “U Factor” and “R Value”.

A window’s U-Factor is the rating of the glass in terms of keeping heat in. The ideal range should fall somewhere between 1.1 and 0.3. In areas of your home where heat loss isn’t a major concern, such as garages or sheds, single pane glass should suffice. For windows in your actual living areas, however, double or triple panes are a better investment.

The R-Value of a window refers to how well it insulates, or keeps either heat or cool air in. This is especially important in window replacements in Nashville, where central air is common in most homes. You don’t want to be paying to cool your house only to have it escaping through less than quality glass. R-Value measures from 0.9 up, with a 3 or above being a better rating.

Types of Frames

Once you’ve chosen the glass for your replacement windows, it’s time to select which frame would work best with your needs. There are 5 basic frame types, as follows:

Aluminum – These have recently fallen out of favor with homeowners, because they are less energy efficient than other options. They’re also prone to condensation.

Fiberglass – This newer material happens to be a bit higher in cost, but is still a popular choice because it offers a higher R-Value, something that’s particularly important for window replacements in the Nashville area.

Wood – Another popular choice, wood also provides a naturally higher R-Value. Wood frames, however, require more maintenance as they need to be scraped and repainted from time to time.

Vinyl – This type of frame is extremely energy efficient and can practically eliminate the problem of condensation. Vinyl frames also offer more versatility because they come in many different styles.

Fibrex – This hybrid material is a combination of wood and vinyl and offers the best of both worlds, with energy efficiency and low maintenance.


Now that you’ve got a clearer understanding of what replacement windows are and how you should measure them to decide which type is right for you, you’re ready to start getting estimates. There are plenty of options when it comes to window replacements in Nashville, so be sure to do your homework and choose one that offers not just the best price, but the best value for your investment.