The real estate market in Nashville, especially in neighborhoods like Lockeland Springs, Inglewood, 12th South, Hendersonville, and now Donelson and even Madison, is blowing up!

This has homeowners and potential buyers looking at what home improvement projects they can make that offer the best return on their investment. Here are three projects our Nashville home improvement experts at Stratton Exteriors believe offer the most bang for your buck!

 zh1506114-111 (1)Kitchen Remodeling

 The old saying “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” holds as true today as it did decades ago.

When buyers are looking at houses, the kitchen is one of the first rooms they want to see and the impression that kitchen leaves will hold a great deal of leverage in the buyer’s decision-making process.

Upgrading your kitchen can be a simple and economical way to boost the value of your home. Kitchen remodeling projects can be as simple as replacing your current countertops, floors, and/or appliances, painting or replacing the cabinets, and adding a fresh backsplash to your kitchen; however, increasing your kitchen’s space can create an inviting space to entertain guests or spend quality family time around the dinner table.

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Bathrooom Remodeling

 Remember those homebuyers we were just talking about? The next room they want to see when they are touring a home are the bathrooms.

What is it about the bathroom that’s so special? It’s a very private space, so comfort is of upmost importance to most people in the bathroom. We want long, hot showers or soaks in the tub, sufficient counter and vanity space, and yes, a cozy place to use the restroom is nice too!

The math is simple. The costs of replacing an old tub or shower, putting in new lighting and counters, and upgrading the floors will seem minimal when you see the value a bathroom remodeling project will add to a home.


Upgrade Your Exterior

 Curb appeal. It’s what sells a house because it’s the first thing buyers examine and judge when looking at a home. This makes it crucial that the exterior of your home be inviting if you’re looking at adding value to your property.

There are a few ways you can upgrade the outside of your home. You can start with a fresh coat of paint, and even new soffit, trim & fascia.

If you really want to take your outdoor space to the next level though, consider adding an outdoor kitchen! The real estate market always reaches a peak in the spring and summer. That’s also the time of year when everyone wants to be outside grilling and visiting with friends and family.

For this reason alone, it should come as no surprise that an outdoor kitchen can really increase the return on your investment into your home.

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