The Benefits of Storage Space

Our possessions- such as our cars, tools, recreational equipment, and family keepsakes- are important to us. So why not give our due diligence to properly storing and protecting these items?

If there’s one word that can be used to describe a carport or a garage, it’s multifunctional.

These spaces can be used to keep items we may not use or need on a regular basis, but aren’t necessarily ready to get rid of either. They’re also a great way to protect our vehicles from the elements Mother Nature throws our way.

Building a carport or a garage can also be a fantastic way to organize and remove clutter your home. They can also be a great location to enjoy company outside if the weather isn’t optimal.

At Stratton Exteriors, our Nashville carport builders can help you design and construct a storage space that is suitable to your needs. Take a look at this carport and garage we built to find inspiration for your project!

Before Construction

Carport Before Collage









As you can see, this Tutor-style home located in East Nashville was in need of ample storage space and parking for multiple vehicles. The owners were also hoping to clean the driveway up by finding a longer lasting solution than gravel provided. Boy,were we able to deliver!

After The Build

Carport After Collage









Many finishing details were put into this project. The carport was built to accommodate up to four vehicles. An attached storage space was included and concrete was poured for the driveway.

Carport Sliding Door








A sliding door was added for access to the storage space.

Carport Lights







Lighting was included for visibility in dark conditions and the stained beadboard ceiling really gives the space an elegant finish.

Tips For Your Carport or Garage Project

Building a garage or carport is no small undertaking. Check out our previous post to get some great garage ideas! Our team would also like to offer these suggestions to help make the construction of your Nashville garage project go smoothly.

  • Plan Ahead– It’s never too early to get started on deciding what layout and style you would like for your project. If you’re financing, be sure to speak with your bank about the options that are available as soon as possible as well.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once– If the carport or garage you are planning to build is in the vicinity of a property line, be sure to have the land surveyed to avoid conflicts with neighboring property owners. Also, take a look at the measurements of the structure to ensure it will fit your needs and space.
  • Call The Professionals– Building a garage or carport isn’t exactly what you would call a DIY project, so be sure to work with a trusted and reputable builder. Our team of Nashville builders are available to speak with you by calling (615) 750-2148 or you can contact us on our website.