If you’ve been considering an upgraded outdoor space for you home, you have some important choices to make. One of the biggest choices is the right material.

Today, we’re comparing wood decking and stone patios–including maintenance, looks and lifespan.

Choosing a Stone Patio

Bluestone Patio with Pergola and Outdoor Furniture

Choosing stone over a wood deck has some major benefits.

For starters, wood decking ages relatively quickly. Without regular staining and sealing, wood can start to crack and warp in just a few short years. Stone, on the other hand, holds up for years and years with very little maintenance. In fact, a stone patio has a lifespan of decades if you take good care of it. Wood decks, on the other hand, usually need to be replaced after 15 to 20 years–even if they’re carefully maintained.

Stone Patios: Looks and Utility

Flagstone Patio With Wood Deck Attacked

In addition to its lifespan, stone offers a bit more flexibility with regard to design and aesthetics.

A wood deck is limited by the fact that it’s attached to the home. This can prevent homeowners from being creative, both in the design of thepatio and in taking advantage of the natural features of a home’s outdoor area.

When you choose a stone patio, you can create something truly unique. After all, stone is a naturally occurring element. Each piece of stone you use to create your patio will have its own pattern and veining.  Plus, if you ever decide you want to move your patio to a different location in your yard, it’s much easier than moving an attached deck.

Beauty Over Time

Stratton Exteriors Outdoor Kitchen

Another benefit to stone is that it has a natural beauty that increases overtime.

Whereas both wood and concrete fade, stone has a character that evolves over the years. It also doesn’t wear down the same way that wood does. For the homeowner, this means a greater return on their investment, as they won’t have to replace their patio once it’s installed. While wood decks offer a rustic sophistication, they also require more maintenance, including regular staining and cleaning. Wood decks may also require repairs, especially if weather is harsh for a period time.

Upkeep is often a major factor in deciding between a stone patio and a wood deck. Basically, if you have a garden hose and a deck brush, you have everything you need to take care of your stone patio.

In the end, deciding between these materials comes down to your own tastes, budget and expectations for upkeep.

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