Living The Dream

Like many Nashville residents, I came to Music City as a young adult chasing after my dreams.

At the time, one of those dreams was to have a home of mine own.

So, I bought a quaint little house that was just perfect for myself, my pet, and weekend guests or a roommate. It was all that I needed and I was quite content.

I went through many changes over the years living in that house. I met my significant other, got married, and had a child. With these changes came a need for more space. I had no desire to leave the neighborhood and home that I had come to adore, so the solution was to grow up and out!

An expansion of my home proved to be a great solution to my need for more space, while also keeping me in the home that I love.

If you’re considering a Nashville house extensions or home addition project, here are a few of the benefits you’ll see.

Stay Where You Want To Be

Many Nashvillians, especially those on the East Side, are facing a unique conundrum. Residents are outgrowing their homes and they want to sell and buy a larger space in the same area. The problem is, many are being priced out of their own neighborhoods.

They bought their current house for a fraction of the price of what a smaller home in the same neighborhood costs in today’s real estate market!

This is where a house extension or home addition could be a great way to avoid the need to sell for more space and stay in the part of town you desire.

Additional Space

Speaking of the added space a house extension or home addition provides, you’ll have more room to fit your needs.

When it comes to creating an addition to your home, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you need a new bedroom, a sunroom, a garage, or even just want to make an existing room larger, an extension or addition is a great fix!

Greater Value

One of the other benefits to more space is an increased value of your home. Many variables are considered in determining the price of a home, but square footage and the number of rooms within the property are heavily weighed. So, it comes as no surprise that an addition can add a significant amount of worth to your home.

Stratton Exteriors Does Nashville House Extensions and Home Additions

If your considering an addition to your residence, you’ll want a Nashville contractor with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

At Stratton Exteriors, our Nashville home improvement experts are here to make sure your project is completed with quality craftsmanship and materials. We offer estimates on any project, so speak with a member of our team about your property’s needs today!

You can reach us by calling (615) 750-2148 or you can contact us on our website to speak about your next Nashville home improvement project.