If you are looking for inside storage for your vehicle or would just like extra storage space, a stand-alone garage offers many benefits over an attached garage. Many of the limitations are removed and you can truly create a unique and more useful space. Here are just a few of the benefits of a stand-alone garage.

  1. More Aesthetically Appealing – many people feel that an attached garage is an eyesore to the home. In addition, instead of matching the exterior design of the home, the garage can be created in a manner that draws out less prominent features of the home that you would like to draw attention to, possibly making the home look even more attractive.
  2. No Space Restrictions – a stand-alone garage can take advantage of space located elsewhere on your property instead of being restricted to the side or front area of the home. Whereas those spaces are limited, picking the location will offer you more flexibility in both the size and design of the garage.
  3. Safety – if the garage is being used for storage, homeowners will often store things such as extra gasoline or other flammable materials or chemicals used throughout the different seasons. This removes them from direct contact with the home and if a fire were to happen, the home has another layer of protection.
  4. Financial Benefits – in many cases, building a stand-alone garage is much less expensive than creating an addition to the existing structure. In addition, insurance costs are generally lower for separate structures.
  5. Security – an open garage door can be a thief’s dream. If the garage is attached and someone forgets to close the garage door when the car is taken out for the night, it leaves an open entry for someone to burglarize the home.