We’ve written about Shane’s Tudor cottage in Inglewood before. Just like the East Nashville house he lived in prior to this place, he’s been steadily flipping it, living here amongst all the chaos of construction. Refrigerator temporarily in the living room … check. Guest bedroom gutted to the studs … check. At last, the dust and debris have settled and most of the projects he had planned for the house have been completed. Such as, this one:

This room was originally a small downstairs bedroom before Shane turned it–and part of a closet and part of an existing full bath–into an epic master bathroom and master closet right off of the master bedroom. With jobs like these we are reminded that remodeling requires so much more than good carpentry skills. The best remodelers are as handy with their imagination as they are with their hammer; they can see the many possibilities that a space holds, and they don’t let existing walls and floor plans box them in.

nashville bathroom remodel


Among other changes, Shane added a bath tub and walk-in shower with custom tile work throughout, plus a double vanity and a spacious master closet.



Here are a couple of “in progress” pictures (Yikes!):

Stratton Exteriors

during 2

We’ll be back on the blog next week to share how Shane turned a kind-of creepy old-fashioned full bath into a modern half bath that works much better for his space.