Once considered a luxury amenity, the outdoor kitchen is making its way into large and small homes alike. Who doesn’t love enjoying the nice weather while being able to entertain? Outdoor kitchens can range from basic to quite elaborate and everything in between. If you are looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your home, there are a few things you should consider before undertaking this fun new addition:

Location – Installing your outdoor kitchen in an area that offers a bit of shade will help keep the blazing sun at bay on particularly hot days. If your yard is lacking in the tree department, it may be wise to consider building a canopy or pergola to help alleviate those rays. Proximity to your indoor kitchen is also an important factor as quick access to standard kitchen supplies makes the transition from indoor to outdoor a bit easier.  The further away from your actual kitchen you get, the more appliances you’ll want to consider including such as a sink, small refrigerator and an ice machine to lessen back and forth trips.

Usage – How do you plan on using your backyard kitchen? Will you be utilizing the space year-round or will its hours be seasonal? Once you’ve established this, you can spend some time looking into outdoor kitchen ideas that best fit your plans including which types of appliances will be better suited for your needs.

Environment – Whether is fickle and we all know can change instantly in Nashville. Preparing your outdoor kitchen accordingly is imperative. Invest in durable, stainless steel appliances and weatherproof materials for countertops and cabinetry.

Space – On average, how many people will you be entertaining? Some people feel that bigger is better when it comes to dinner parties so you will want to provide enough room for the masses. If you will be primarily using this for family affairs, a small patio area or eat-on outdoor kitchen island will suffice.

Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic way to entertain in the warmer months and have the extra added bonus of increasing the retail value of your home. If you are looking into building an outdoor kitchen for your home, check out a gallery of our work. If you like what you see, give us a call for any questions you may have. We’d love to get started on your home’s outdoor kitchen today!