Sunrooms among the most under-appreciated rooms in the home, but don’t underestimate their functionality! Sunrooms are one of the most dynamic facets of a home, as they are able to serve many different purposes depending on the circumstances.

However, even the most wonderful sunroom may, eventually, need to be rethought. Maybe you will decide that you just need to spruce the place up or replace the furniture. These things can go a long way to change the feel of a space. However, budget allowing, you might opt to remodel your sunroom completely. Or perhaps you don’t have a sunroom at all, but you are considering making an addition to your house. A sunroom could shed a whole new light into your home!

Whatever your needs are, we are here to help. To get the ball rolling, we put together a list 5 beautiful examples of sunrooms to give you some ideas as you move forward.

5 Ideas For Your Sunroom

  1. The Clean & Proper Sunroom

This minimal, white themed sunroom enclosed by large double-paneled sash windows gives the home an elegant, upscale feel. Adding a plant or two to this space is a wonderful compliment to the natural light.








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  1. The Gazebo-Style Sunroom

We love the way this sunroom is designed as a gazebo-like attachment to the house. Round spaces such as this can add lot to your home.









  1. The Large Family-Style Sunroom

Here we have a sunroom on a much bigger scale than what is necessarily normal. Large, open sunrooms are great for entertaining guests a creating a friendly space for you family.

  1. The Sunroom-Living Room Crossover

Living rooms and sunrooms serve similar purposes in the home. This shining example of a sunroom brings together the best of both worlds, with 180 degrees of natural light and a roaring fire together in the same space.









  1. The Porch-Sunroom Crossover

A few extra layers of insulation around your porch could be transformative! This outdoorsy take on a sunroom will facilitate everything from quiet afternoons with a book to BBQ parties in the summer.









Thinking About Adding A Sunroom To Your House? Or Remodeling The One You Already Have?

Get in touch with us today! At Stratton Exteriors, we have a wide breadth of experience working with sunroom additions. If you have a vision for your ideal sunroom, we can bring that dream to life!