So you love your house. It has the space, the historical charm, or the architectural flair that you love. Maybe it has a great location or close proximity to your family. You’re (almost) totally happy with it.

But it’s missing something. Something bright, airy, and comfortable.

A sunroom. It’s missing a sunroom.

Homeowners who take the plunge and convert a deck space to a sunroom or build a sunroom as an addition inevitably fall in love with it.

And Stratton Exteriors is one of Nashville’s top sunroom contractors.

Stratton Exteriors Builds the Best Sunrooms in Nashville

sunroom 2

A perfectly-built sunroom can add much-needed living space, a sanctuary for unwinding after a long day, a craft room…you name it. It’s a hugely versatile space.  

Stratton Exteriors loves the versatility and beauty that these amazing spaces offer. That’s why we strive to be the best sunroom builders in Nashville.

Whether you’re looking to convert your deck into a sunroom space, or simply want to add a full screen to a covered porch, Stratton Exteriors will be the builder you deserve.

Built to Withstand Nashville’s Weather…No Matter the Season

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Nashville can have some unpredictable weather, from flash floods to high winds to random thunderstorms to…even ice storms, actually. 

Stratton Exteriors builds our porches and sunrooms to withstand even the most unpredictable weather so you don’t have to worry, no matter what the forecast calls for.

Stratton Exteriors Values Cohesive Design

sunroom 5

Are you terrified that your sunroom won’t be a natural extension of your home? That it will stick out like an oddly-designed sore thumb?

Don’t worry.

At Stratton Exteriors, we understand the need for your sunroom to feel like an extension of your home. You deserve a cohesive, complementary sunroom that builds on the features of your home that you already love.

Because we value design and aesthetics (not just building), we will work with you to pinpoint the perfect design elements for your new sunroom.

We want you to love your new space as much as we love building it.

Want to know more about Stratton Exteriors’ sunrooms?

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