Feel like your home’s exterior spaces need a sprucing up?

For many of us, our homes are an extension of ourselves. We’ve worked hard to create spaces that reflect our tastes and meet our needs. We’ve put time and energy into perfecting our homes’ exteriors so they are both attractive and optimally functional.

But sometimes, we need to make a change. Invest in an upgrade. Change the aesthetic according to our changing tastes.

If you’re in the market for a much-need home upgrade, a stone veneer or exterior structure could be just what you’re looking for.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to offer stone exteriors in a variety of materials, helping our clients achieve the home aesthetic they desire. We offer both natural and manufactured stone materials to provide a variety of looks, styles and price points.

What exactly are the benefits of stone exteriors? Let’s explore.

Stone is Long-Lasting and Highly Durable

stone exterior

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

Unlike concrete, stone shows very little wear and tear and rarely cracks.

This makes it an ideal choice for highlighting your home’s entrance, adding pizazz to your backyard entertainment area or adding elegant touches to your fireplaces or mailbox. You won’t have to worry about the stone getting dirty or disintegrating with time, like you would other exterior materials.

Stratton Exteriors offers both natural and manufactured stone, so you can choose the materials that best suit your budget and needs.

Stone is Unique and Sophisticated

Stone Exterior

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

Never underestimate the power of a stone accent to make your home’s exterior truly stand out.

The curb appeal offered by an expertly-crafted stone veneer is huge—especially when you have contractors who value the design and artistry of the veneer like Stratton Exteriors’ team does.

Plus, each stone project we do is one-of-a-kind, so you’ll never have to worry about getting the exact same stone layout as another homeowner.

Stratton Exteriors Will Work With You to Design Your Stone Exterior

stone exteriors stratton

Photo Credit: Stratton Exteriors

Stratton Exteriors is proud to offer natural stone work in flagstone, bluestone, granite, limestone, travertine, and slate, so you can get the color, texture and overall appearance you want.

For homeowners who are worried about the cost and weight of natural stone, manufactured stone is the perfect alternative.

Manufactured stone is able to recreate the look and feel of natural stone, at a lower cost and a fraction of the weight. So you can still transform your home’s exterior into a sophisticated paradise that reflects your tastes!

Are you ready to explore options for stone veneers and exteriors?

Contact Stratton Exteriors today to learn more about our stone services or to schedule an estimate!