Slowly, the weather in Middle TN is beginning to cool. Instead of sweltering 100+ degree heat, we’re seeing more pleasant weather. With this run of good weather, more people are going to start getting outside into their yards. However, if your space isn’t that inviting, perhaps you don’t get out there and enjoy yourself. This is where I can help. I can help you get your backyard space into a place where not only you enjoy it, but your family and friends will as well.

If a deck is the way you want to go, try to think outside of the normal way of doing things. We can incorporate a lot of different elements that will make your space the place to be. For instance, we can add seating space along the rails that is attached to the deck. Your guests will be able to leisurely enjoy your parties without having to scramble for seats. Also, it will open up your deck for moving around so people won’t be stumbling over chairs. Also, we can build an enclave into the deck where drinks, utensils, and dinnerware can be placed. The options are almost endless.

Remember, if you want a covering on your deck, you don’t have to go with an awning or an attached covering. Pergolas make terrific choices for deck coverings, and you can add plenty of decoration to them. If you have a green thumb, pergolas work especially well. Climbing plants can provide an elegant look to any pergola and deck. Just think, next spring when the mornings are still cool, you can sit outside and enjoy your breakfast while your climbing flowering vines bloom.

Besides all of the personal enjoyment a deck can bring, there is much value to be added as well. When it comes time to sell the house, you’ll be amazed at your return on investment. If you think we might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.