A beautiful garage can add value to your home by increasing storage and making your outdoor space look stunning. Many homeowners dream of adding a garage to their property, but are intimidated by the idea of altering the structure to make room for a new addition.

A detached garage is an excellent option if you want to add storage without touching the structure of your home. They are designed to complement your home, plus you can customize the space to include features that suit your needs.

Still on the fence? We’ve got some ideas to help you decide if a detached garage is right for you.

You Value Silence

Many families use their garage for band practice, exercise, get-togethers, or car maintenance. All of which can provide a noisy atmosphere. If you value a bit of peace-and-quiet, a detached garage might be a better way to go.

A detached garage will put more distance between you and the noise. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite television show while your son works on his science project.

Everyone wins!

Your Lot Won’t Accommodate An Attached Garage

If your lot doesn’t have sufficient space on either side of your house, an attached garage might be impossible to construct.

With a detached option, you can utilize more of your lot’s space to build the exact structure you need, especially, if you have an unusually narrow space, a detached garage will fit more easily. Hiring a garage addition contractor can help you map out that look you want while discussing how you will use the space.

You Want More Design Options

An attached garage is relatively limited in its design. Because it is connected, it becomes more like a home addition with similar design, colors, and structure to the rest of your home.

A detached garage is different. While it will still have a look similar to the rest of your house, it can have additional features and design elements that make it stand out. Your general contractor can get creative and build you a space that truly reflects your tastes and vision.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to be one of Nashville’s top garage specialists building structurally sound, visually stunning garages for homeowners throughout the Middle Tennessee area. We can design and build a detached garage to compliment your home’s exterior and customize the space to include features that suit your needs.

Additionally, we can help you assemble a pre-fab garage kit, or you want more custom designs, we’re here for you.

Contact us today to learn more about Stratton’s garage additions and building services or to schedule an estimate.