Whether your working on a kitchen remodeling or building one from scratch, choosing your countertops is pivotal to the overall design. Your kitchen is a functional space. Most of the components need to serve two purposes: function and style. None, more so, than the countertops. It’s where you will cook, eat, and possibly entertain. They need to be durable, yet beautiful. Maintainable, yet complementary. All of which can be achieved by selecting the right product. 


Granite is an affordable, natural stone product. It used to be the mark of wealth, but today the stone is readily available and one of the most versatile on the market. What makes granite countertops so special is the variety. You can find a granite top that suits just about any kitchen design. It’s available in a wide range of natural colors and patterns. Since it’s a natural product, the patterns will be uniquely your own giving your kitchen a little something extra that you can be proud of. The material holds well against heat, water, and other wear and tear elements common to the kitchen. Now and then granite will need to be sealed to avoid stains, and its weight means you need very sturdy cabinets for support.

Solid Surface

A product made from acrylic or polyester, Solid Surface is another common countertop material. Its popularity revolves around its performance capabilities meaning it can withstand scratches, burns, and water. The color and pattern options are quite extensive. Sometimes you can find this product designed to resemble natural stone materials like granite. It costs roughly the same as purchasing granite, but it might be worth it if you want something that is a little outside the box. Solid Surface will give you the design flexibility to add something more vibrant to your kitchen.


If you want a product that has both natural beauty and performance value, Quartz is a great contender. Comprised of 90% Quartz and 10% binder, this countertop material is durable like a solid surface product but has a natural, authentic look. Because it’s engineered (often called engineered stone or engineered quartz), you can purchase it in more colors than other natural stone products. It’s a little more costly when you’re looking at price points. And, because it’s an engineered material the patterns may not look as organic as its natural counterpart.

Wood/Butcher Block

Wood offers a home prestige. It’s a natural material that is warm and inviting. When you are shopping for countertops, you may see it referred to as a “butcher block” or as merely wood. The natural variegated tones and patterns achieved from using natural wood are unlike anything else on this list. If you want a cottage or country-style kitchen, wood is a fantastic option. It’s rustic. It’s vintage. It’s beautifully crafted. You can sand down scratches for easy maintenance. The only downside is the movement. Wood will expand and contract with the rise and fall of temperatures. If you want a wood countertop, you must be willing to oil your surface on a regular basis.


You can’t find another product that would exceed wood’s prestige except for marble. It’s luminous and distinctive. Select a marble countertop, and you’re already making a statement. While wood is a natural material that offers warmth and character, marble is elegant and chic. It stands up well to heat. The properties of this material make it permanently cool in temperature. For this reason, marble was traditionally used as the surface product in bakeries. It’s hard to knock marble because of its sheer beauty, but the material is highly susceptible to staining even with a finish. Most kitchens will use marble as an accent or on the island because of this maintenance flaw.

Stainless Steel

Reminiscent of industrial kitchens, stainless steel is making its way into residential households for a good reason. The material is nearly indestructible and doesn’t readily absorb heat or bacteria. Families with children or active chefs might want to choose stainless steel for this reason. It’s also custom fitted to your kitchen giving you a uniformed look. The unique look will provide an industrial feel to the kitchen. Something to keep in mind when you are deciding on the style. It’s hard to imagine this product has flaws, but stainless steel shows fingerprints and dents if a pot or pan hits the surface hard enough. Choose your cleaning products carefully, so you don’t experience unwanted scratches.

Installing New Kitchen Countertops Nashville

Choosing the perfect material is an important step in designing your kitchen. You want to choose a product that will provide both style and performance. At Stratton Exteriors we can help you. Our team of experts has been helping Nashville residents build beautiful kitchens for decades. Let us help you bring your dream to life. Contact us today to learn more.