If you are like me and you find the tapping sound of the rain on the roof soothing.  If you like relaxing  watching the thunder and lighting roll across the summer sky have you heard of rain chains?   They are these beautiful and unique almost sculpture-esc chains that you have in place of your gutter downspouts.

They come in various designs and sizes, adding them to the front of any home is sure to boot the curb appeal, but also if you love the sounds of rain and storms it is added music to your ears to hear the water trickle into the cups and over into the next or to rush down the linked chain.  You can even have a really pretty rock as the fill basin or even fill up a rain barrel wight he water run off.  There are so many options its worth exploring online to find something that suits your taste. They are pretty simple to install.  Of course if you have any questions or problems just call us up at Stratton Exteriors and we would be happy to help you out.

Tell us what you think, love the sounds the rain offers?  Do you have a chain yourself?  Do you want one?  Tell us about it.