Painting houses in Nashville is something that Stratton Exteriors does a lot of.

For that reason, I am frequently asked what my favorite exterior paint brand is. I won’t hesitate to tell you that it’s Porter Paints’ Permanizer. Porter’s not paying me to tell you that (I wish!); I’m just genuinely bonkers about this paint’s superpowers. I call it “caulk in a can” because it’s more like a coating than a paint. It is twice as expensive as your average exterior paint, but you may feel differently about that fact when I also tell you that it is guaranteed to last a lifetime without any cracking, peeling or flaking. It promises self-priming and one-coat coverage, and it delivers. Plus, it can be matched to any color under the rainbow. When we slap on Permanizer, we know that we will likely never be back to repaint a person’s home again. (Although we hope to return to tackle other projects.)

Porter Paints Permanizer

While most homeowners already have a paint color in mind, people also sometimes like to pick my brain about the best colors to paint a house. It’s all personal preference, but in my experience I’m most satisfied after painting a house a plain white or dark green. Deep brown is nice, too. If we’re talking about brick, I like the look of washed brick. And I like trim to be either a light cream color or a color called English Red.

Has this gotten you thinking about painting your house? In the next post I’ll tell you how to know when it’s time.