If your home has a porch, you’ve probably invested in some form of maintenance to keep the materials in top shape. Whether it’s staining, sealing or cleaning, outdoor spaces require attention every now and then. Without maintenance, your porch would become run-down and maybe even dangerous.

Even when your porch is in great shape, it might need design upgrades to be a space you really love.

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your porch (and create discrete storage) is to add skirting.

Why is Porch Skirting Important?

Why is  Porch Skirting important

Porch Skirting Stratton Exteriors

Without porch skirting, the area between the floor of your porch and the ground below will be visible. For porches that are at least a foot off the ground (and the vast majority are) this space can be unsightly. Joists, pipes, bolts, dirt, weeds and your home’s foundation are often visible beneath a porch without a skirt.

In addition to its aesthetic value, a porch skirt encloses the area beneath your porch, creating a barrier against animals or intruders. You can also safely and discretely store gardening tools, outdoor furniture, and miscellaneous items.

What Materials Are Used for Porch Skirting?

Typically, the same wood that was used to construct your porch is used to create a corresponding skirt. If you have a cedar wood porch, for instance, the contractors at Stratton Exteriors would try to create a porch skirt that complements the appearance of the cedar.

If the foundation of your home is a sophisticated stone veneer, a faux stone skirting could match almost seamlessly. You wouldn’t have to sacrifice storage, and you would maintain your home’s cohesive design.

It’s important to remember that your porch skirt will need maintenance the same as your porch. Composite decking materials (such as Trex) need minimal maintenance. They don’t need to be stained or sealed each year; a simple cleaning will keep them in top shape. If you aren’t crazy about the idea of regular porch maintenance, composite materials might be your best bet.

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