So you want to update the feel for your home, but your time and budget is limited. What better way give your home the look you want in a timely and cost-effective manner than updating the colors on your walls and in your living area!

There are a lot of colors to choose from though, and more over, there are a plethora of different options when it comes to the products that are available to change the color scheme around your home, but the two most popular are paint and stain.

You may be wondering, “Well, which should I use? Paint or Stain?” The short answer is, it depends on your project and the look you wish to achieve.


When it comes to the colors and types of paint that are available on today’s market, the possibilities are endless.

The first factor you should consider when selecting paint is the type of product you’d like to use. There are both oil and water-based paints you can purchase. Furthermore, knowing when to use each is equally important.

Our Nashville exterior painting and staining experts at Stratton Exteriors say you will first need a base coat of primer paint if the surface you are working on is unfinished. Once the primer coat has dried, you should apply a first coat of paint, followed by finishing coats in flat, eggshell, or satin finishes, depending on the project you’re completing and the look you’re going for.

For instance, flat paint may work well on siding materials, while an eggshell finish may be best for walls. Satin finishes can be great for wood.


If you’re going for a more natural look by using wood in your project, stain may be a better choice than paint.

We found these particular products are especially popular to use for Nashville deck and fence staining projects. Jut like paint, there are a number of choices when it comes to colors and finishes for stain and each has it’s own specialty application.

A clear toner stain may be best to use on wood that has beautiful or complex grain that you want to show off. On the other end of the spectrum, a solid color stain can add color to your project without taking away from the texture wood can provide.

Stratton Exteriors: Your Nashville Paint and Stain Team

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