Did you know that Stratton Exteriors is one of Nashville’s leading contractors for new home construction? We can help you design and create the new Nashville home of your dreams–from beginning to end.

The Benefits of a New Construction Home

A new construction home gives you options and offers benefits that older homes often can’t.

Here’s a few of the biggest perks to new home construction:

  • Energy Efficiency: Newer homes have fresher insulation, energy-efficient doors and windows, and a brand-new roof. These features help make temperature control easier and reduce the amount of lost energy. Additionally, you can choose energy-efficient appliances to maximize energy savings.
  • Choose Your Layout: When you buy an old home, you have to compromise on the layout unless you want to invest in expensive remodeling. With a new construction home, you can choose your own layout. Wish you had a half bath off your foyer? Want an extra-large walk-in closet? You can have these things from the very beginning with a new construction home.
  • Warranties: A new home comes with warranties that will give you extra peace of mind–even through inclement weather or other unexpected issues.
  • Less Maintenance: If you’ve ever owned an older home, you’re familiar with the high level of maintenance they often require. Whether it’s tired insulation, old windows, a faulty roof, bad plumbing or general wear and tear, older homes require a lot of work. A new home has fresh structures, materials and features that require little-to-no maintenance.

Why Choose Stratton Exteriors for New Home Construction in Nashville?

If you’re interested in starting from scratch with your very own home, Stratton Exteriors can help you accomplish your dreams.

We will work with you throughout each step of the homebuilding process.

We closely manage each aspect of structural development, making sure your home complies with all codes and laws. You can trust us to obtain all the necessary permits and comply with Metro stormwater plans. Our extensive local knowledge will help you choose the best features for your home, according to location and the layout of your land.

For the best residential development contractors in Nashville, call Stratton Exteriors today.