Cleaning gutters can seem like a futile pursuit, especially in Nashville at this time of year, when leaves clog the gutters more quickly than you can remove them. That’s why we’re so crazy about the “gutter protection” products that have become popular over the last decade. They’re ingenious, allowing water to filter through but not debris like twigs and leaves. This is the way gutters should have been made in the first place, as it almost completely eliminates the need for cleaning and keeps rainwater funneling away from your house year-round.

At Stratton Exteriors we use the LeafRelief system, which fits on to most standard gutters and is proven to be weather and pest resistant.

Leaf Relief Nashville

Leaf Relief can drain 29.7″ of rainfall an hour, according to the manufacturer’s website. That’s more than the highest rainfall ever recorded (Holt, Missouri 1947 at 12″) in one hour. Not only is it effective, but Leaf Relief is essentially invisible, laying flat and fitting snugly on top of your gutters.┬áIt also comes with a 10-year warranty against overflowing due to internal gutter clogging.

But first you may be wondering why gutters are necessary in the first place. They serve several purposes but are most important for the way in which they keep rainwater away from the foundation and exterior of your home, including the roof, soffitt, and fascia, where it can cause a lot of damage. When gutters are dirty or clogged this problem can become even worse than when there are no gutters at all, as water tends to get concentrated in the exact areas you don’t want it to be.

The best solution to this problem? Gutter protection. It saves you the headache of replacing rotting wood around your roof, bailing out a wet basement, and taking on the dreaded task of cleaning out those gutters.