If you live in a hot Nashville neighborhood, you’re probably excited about all the growth and change the city is experiencing. On the same token, you might be feeling a little claustrophobic. While having neighbors nearby can be fun, it can also start to feel crowded if you don’t have a barrier between you and them. If you have pets or children, the need for privacy is compounded by the need for safety and security. What’s the answer? A fence, of course!

If the thought of getting a fence makes you wrinkle your nose, we understand. Fences are known more for their utility than their aesthetics or design value. That’s why Stratton Exteriors works hard to create fences for our clients that are both beautiful and efficient.

Check out a few of our most recent custom Nashville fence projects.

Custom Fence With Sliding Barn Door 

Custom Fence Sliding Barn Door

Stratton Exteriors loves tackling challenging design projects. We also love helping our clients accomplish their design goals. Careful design is vital when it comes to highly visible renovations like an exterior fence.

For the fence project above, we designed a rustic privacy fence that match the home’s accents. The sliding barn door is an extra touch that makes this fence functional, attractive and contemporary.

Back Fence With Decorative Entrance

Stratton Exteriors Custom Fence

If you’re interested in a beautiful fence for your back yard, Stratton Exteriors has you covered.

For this client, we built a back fence out of stunning cedar with a unique entrance to provide aesthetic flair. Now, this client has privacy, security and added curb appeal for their home.

Classic Fence for Historic Home

Classic Fence with Logo Stratton Exteriors

This recent fence project called for traditional fence to complement a gorgeous, historic home in Edgefield. We stained the wood to match perfectly with the home’s accents, and added a glass knob latch for the fence entryway.

No matter which Nashville neighborhood you live in, we can build a fence that complements your property and provides the security you need.

Are you looking to install a Nashville custom fence on your property this fall? Contact the team at Stratton Exteriors today!