For those of us living in Nashville, concerns for security and privacy are growing as the city grows. Many of us are searching ways to make our home more private and secure. Others want a safe place for their children and pets to play.

A high-quality fence can increase your home’s security and give you more privacy. 

Additionally, many of us need an easy way to delineate our property lines and create separation from our neighbors. A fence is the perfect answer. Even if you need a fence for utilitarian purposes, it should never be an eyesore. In fact, the right Nashville contractor can build a fence for your home that adds to its beauty and complements its design.

As a leading fence contractor in Music City, Stratton Exteriors can help you design one that provides privacy, security and stunning design.

Privacy Fences

Privacy Fence

Do you want a fence that gives you total privacy and seclusion in your back or front yard? Many homeowners worry that installing a privacy fence will ruin their home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, the right privacy fence can protect your home and still look great.

The design options for privacy fences are broader than you might think. In fact, they can have gorgeous hardware, top-notch materials and stunning ornamentation. At Stratton Exteriors, we can help you choose the look you want and construct a fence that will provide  security for years to come.

Decorative Fences

Custom Fence

For many homeowners, a fence can provide protection for kids and pets and an easy way to delineate their property. But a chain-link fence is unattractive, and a privacy fence can be too much.

It’s a common problem, and we hear you. That’s why we design and build fences that add curb appeal and feature durable, top-quality materials that will stand up to the elements. The fence featured above has a unique grid pattern and rustic wooden frame that complements the client’s home, looks great and offers security.

Traditional and Charming Fences

Fence Contractor

Have you always dreamed of a classic fence for your property? Stratton Exteriors can help give your home the clean, wholesome look provided by a classic picket fence.

Whether you live in a quaint Nashville neighborhood with brick paver sidewalks (like the home pictured above) or on a secluded farm with no neighbors for miles, a picket fence can add a unique and homey look to your property.

Stratton Exteriors is proud to be a leading fence contractor in Nashville and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our projects and how we can help you realize your home renovation dreams!