If you have cedar shake, lap or reclaimed wood siding on your home, you know how important maintenance is. Regular exterior staining and upkeep, performed by a professional contractor, can help ensure the beauty and longevity of your home’s siding.

Summer is a wonderful time of year, bringing warm weather, sunshine, vacations and greenery. It’s also the harshest time of year for wear and tear on wood siding. The summer months in Tennessee run the gamut of damaging conditions for wood exteriors: moisture, intense heat and lots of UV rays.

Long-term exposure to moisture, light and heat can break down the outer layer of unprotected wood siding. After this outer layer is weakened, the sun’s light and heat dry out the naturally protective oils in the wood grain. This can lead to things like wood rot, splintering, chipping and that unsightly gray discoloration that makes your home look dull.

Wood Staining and Painting With Stratton ExteriorsĀ 

Exterior Staining

It’s important to invest in regular maintenance for all of your home’s wood structures. This includes decks, pergolas, entryways and, perhaps especially, wood siding.

Exterior painting is a good way to protect your wood siding from the impact of Mother Nature. High-quality paint provides an opaque exterior film that can block out the sun’s rays. It can also insulate the wood beneath from the effects of moisture.

Staining provides similar protection from the elements, but instead of coating the surface of a home’s exterior, stain sinks into the boards. This provides a deep, thorough color to your siding. It can also add to the texture of wood siding, creating a rustic aesthetic that many homeowners crave.

Invest in Exterior Staining This Season

Exterior Staining

As summer sets in, it’s important to protect your cedar shake, lap or reclaimed wood siding from the often-harsh weather. Stratton Exteriors offers top-quality Nashville exterior painting and staining services. We can provide the yearly maintenance and care that your wood siding requires, adding years to your home’s beauty.

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