“Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color!”

Remember watching the “Wizard of Oz” when you were a kid? The horse in the Emerald City that constantly changed colors always mesmerized me. I’m not sure if it was the morphing of the creature’s hues or simply the unnatural imagery of a purple thoroughbred, but the brightly alternating tones made the horse of a different color memorable.

Changing the colors of your home can have a similar effect. Taking the look of your home from outdated to being the eye-catching poster child for curb appeal can often be as simple as a coat of paint. Take a look at a few of these jobs our Nashville exterior painting and staining crews have completed to get an idea of how a touch of fresh color can improve the look and value of your home.

A Pop of Pigment Turns A House Into A Home

white house









We were contacted by a homeowner who wanted to spruce up the exterior appearance of their home with new paint. When our Nashville painters saw how the original white hue of the home created a blank canvas, our team was confident we could deliver a stunning piece of work!

White House Painted









After completing painting on the siding and trim, the house was almost unrecognizable compared to it’s original look. View our portfolio to see more amazing transformations.

 Before & After Whitewash

While white may have been just an accent on the previous project, the color can also be effective as a centerpiece as well.

Many of the homes in Middle Tennessee incorporate brick into the finish. A timeless way to update the look of a brick home is with a technique known as “whitewashing”.

What makes a whitewashing project so appealing is the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the process, not to mention the results! Here’s a home where we applied a whitewash finish to the structure’s original brick. Notice the pop of color the touch of forest green on the shutters provides.

This transformation is simply breathtaking!

Brick Collage









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