You love your deck, but after a few years in the Nashville weather, it’s looking worse for the wear. How can you improve it’s look without taking away the rustic, natural appearance of the lumber?

The answer is professional staining. A professional staining with a trustworthy contractor can extend the life of your deck considerably–without compromising its beautiful look.

Why should you invest in deck staining? Let’s take a look.

Deck Staining Helps Prevent Rot

Deck Staining

Unless you’ve invested in a covered model, your deck is exposed to the elements. That means constant wear and tear.

From rain and snow to hail, high winds and everything in between, your deck takes a beating each year. That’s why it’s so important to invest in maintenance to keep your deck’s wood and hardware in good condition.

One choice for protective maintenance is staining.

Many homeowners don’t realize that deck staining does more than improve the look of their deck.

Staining creates a waterproof barrier on the outside of your deck’s wood, causing water to simply roll off the surface instead of sinking into the wood grain. This helps extend the life of your deck and prevent rot from setting in.

Without a high-quality stain to seal your deck’s wood, your structure could warp, split, crack or bow, creating unsightly (and expensive) issues that demand repair.

Deck Staining Helps Prevent Sun Damage

Deck Staining

Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause your deck to decay over time.

Sun exposure has been shown to cause the infamous “graying” problem that so many deck owners dread. Graying is not only unsightly–it indicates a structural problem, as well. Wood that has taken on a gray appearance is weakened and could be more susceptible to moisture, termites and rot.

Staining provides a protective barrier that helps block out the UV rays and keep your deck’s wood looking crisp and clean.

Deck Staining Extends Your Deck’s Beauty

If you don’t want to diminish the natural, rustic appearance of your deck, staining can help protect it and improve it

With Stratton Exteriors, you can choose a staining option that allows your deck’s natural beauty to shine through, while also sealing, protecting and adding longevity to the life of your deck boards.

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