During the 1950s, popcorn ceilings (also known as acoustic, cottage cheese or stucco) became the go-to ceiling style for new homes.  Aside from the obvious health risks (popcorn ceilings created prior to 1977 often have asbestos fibers in them), popcorn ceilings are dated. They create an aesthetic that many modern homeowners just don’t like.

Unfortunately, buying an older home these days often means contending with popcorn ceilings. Stratton Exteriors has seen plenty of homes with these ceilings in them–and we’ve worked with plenty of homeowners looking to upgrade from them.

From modernizing stucco ceilings in older homes to adding some flair to plain porch ceilings, we love helping our clients improve the look and function of their ceilings.

Check out some of our favorite Nashville ceiling projects from the past few years–and contact our team to schedule an estimate on your home’s ceiling renovation.

Back Porch With Exposed Rafters

Wood Ceiling Cedar Logo

This back porch in Nashville called for a rustic, natural ceiling. Stratton Exteriors refinished the porch ceiling with 2 X 6 tongue and groove decking and exposed rafters to complement the home’s style. The porch ceiling is a unique touch that makes the space perfect for entertaining guests.

Wood ceilings have a new appeal for homeowners who want to imbue their home with a more natural aesthetic. Stratton Exteriors is proud to specialize in a variety of wood projects, including custom wood ceilings.

Custom Ceiling with Clear Coat

Wood Ceiling With Clear Coat

For this Nashville porch, Stratton Exteriors installed a tongue and groove ceiling with inset lighting. We then added a stunning clear coat to make the panels shine. These ceilings are visually stunning and last for years. All you need is a little regular maintenance.

Whether your goal is a rustic wood ceiling or something sleek and refined, the team at Stratton Exteriors can deliver on your dreams.

Screen Room With Exposed Rafters

Screen Room With Exposed Rafters

This Nashville screen room features a custom ceiling with exposed rafters that we painted a crisp white to complement the rest of the home’s design. The white provides the room with a clean, fresh atmosphere. The exposed beams create a feeling of dimension and extra height and space. There’s also more options for lighting with a ceiling like this.

As home design evolves, so does our appreciation for new design ideas. Ceilings designed with exposed beams, vaulting, wood accents and other aesthetic features can completely transform a room.

If you’re interested in upgrading a ceiling in your home, contact Stratton Exteriors and schedule your estimate!