After more than a decade in the Nashville home renovation business, Stratton Exteriors has seen a lot of changes in home trends. One of the biggest changes over the years has been the increased importance homeowners place on bathrooms. 

The bathroom is now one of the most important rooms in the home. Potential Nashville homebuyers expect homes to have upgraded bathrooms.

One of the most important design elements is bathroom tile. As conserving water and energy has become more important, homeowners are leaning more towards practical, timeless design for their bathrooms. The same desire for clean, sleek and timeless design extends to a bathroom’s tile layout. The team at Stratton Exteriors is proud to offer unique tile design for Nashville homeowners seeking something different.

Check out some of our favorite recent bathroom projects where the tilework was front and center. 

Monochromatic Color Schemes 

For this bathroom, Stratton Exteriors combined traditional subway tile on the exterior with a gray herringbone tile for the shower floor. The color scheme ranges from white to dark gray to black, keeping a sleek, sophisticated design throughout. The herringbone pattern provides dimension and edge while the clean white of the subway tile provides a cleanness to the design.

Bathrooms like these prove that even if you aren’t a fan of loud colors in the bathroom, you can still create a space that wows.

Muted Colors, Breathtaking Results

Full Marble Bathroom with Herringbone

For this bathroom, we settled on a sophisticated color scheme of whites and grays. The crisp white of the standalone bathtub brings out the crisp whites in the gray marble shower, which features its own pop of chevron in the center.

Classic Lines and Colors

Traditional Black and White Bathroom Tile With Logo

This client wanted a classic design and color scheme for their home addition bathroom. We settled on traditional, crisp white subway tile with a strip of thinner black tiles for extra flair. To add more dimension to the space, we added hexagonal white tile on the bathroom floor

Design That Catches The Eye

Tile Design Zig Zag Monochromatic

In this new construction home, we decided to add a unique pattern to the bathroom tile inlay. The result draws the eye, yet remains sophisticated and design-forward. Like all things in our home design projects, we take pride in combining our knowledge of craftsmanship with our interest in unique trends.

Are you tired of your bathroom’s old, outdated tile? Stratton Exteriors can transform it with a tile design that is timeless and stunning.

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