Like a moth to the flame, all living creatures react to light. Light changes the way we see the world and can almost instantly enhance the look and feel of your home.

There are several lighting options we like to use for our Nashville interior renovation and remodeling projects at Stratton Exteriors. Here are a few of our favorites.

Natural lighting

Hillsboro-8If you want to open a room up and give it an airy feel, throw back the curtains and pull the blinds! The sun and an open window are often your best bet for upping the ante in your home’s lighting game.

To get the most light out of your Nashville home renovation, create plans that have your replacement windows on the southern and/or eastern facing walls. This will allow you to maximize the amount of light and warmth a room absorbs from the sun.

Skylights can also be an effective way to increase the amount of natural light entering a space, especially if the room doesn’t have many options for traditional windows.

Recessed Lighting

1225 McGavock DiningFor a subtle and clean look in your Nashville kitchen and bathroom remodel, recessed lighting is a fantastic option! These fixtures accommodate several types of bulbs, including incandescent, fluorescent, and LED options. They also come with different trims and finishes that can add a truly unique finishing detail to your project.

With the ability to be equipped with a fader, recessed lighting fixtures create a nice accent to other lighting that’s been placed in a room. The recessed lighting in this dining room paired well with the rustic look of the Edison bulbs hanging above the table and the wood paneled walls.



bulbs and bathsSpeaking of how recessed lighting can accent other pieces of a room’s décor, a lighting fixture is central to a space’s style. This chandelier sets the mood for a nice long, relaxing soak after this bathroom remodel we did.

Large Edison bulbs in fixtures have become extremely popular lately. These bulbs may look fancy and expensive, but they’re are actually quite cost effective and have a long lifespan. As you can see, the glow these bulbs emit have an allure that’s all their own.


Simple Lighting Solutions

Copy of 110_detail_3Changing the lighting in a room doesn’t have to involve a massive overhaul of the space or even a weekend DYI project. The placement of a lamp that fits into the design of your home can brighten up a room significantly.

Hanging strands of lights are also a great way to provide a bit of ambiance to an outdoor space.





Other Ideas

There are an overwhelming number of lighting options that are available on today’s market. Take a look at some other lighting fixtures and features we’ve used in Nashville home renovation and remodel designs on our featured projects page.

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