With summer in full swing, Stratton Exteriors has been hard at work. We’ve been helping clients all over Nashville design and build the patios, porches, and outdoor kitchens of their dreams.

We’ve also built plenty of decks this season, including cedar, Trex® and pressure-treated wood decks. Regardless of which decking material catches your eye, each has its own set of pros (and cons).

Deck materials have come a long way over the last few decades. In fact, in 2018, you can expect your deck to last up to 25 years if it’s built well.

Before you begin the process of deck design and building, you might want more information on the most popular materials for construction. Check out Stratton Exteriors’ latest eBook for in-depth information on decking materials.

In the meantime, keep reading for a rundown of our favorite materials to use for decks–and the reasons why they’re so great.


What are the benefits of cedar as a decking material?

Well, we can start with looks. Cedar has a genuine, rustic-wood look that many homeowners crave. It’s also extremely durable. The heart of a cedar tree is extremely rot resistant, making it perfect for constructing long-lasting outdoor structures like decks and pergolas. It’s also resistant to bugs and doesn’t easily absorb moisture, making it ideal for areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Cedar also weathers to a gorgeous silvery-gray, so over time, you can expect your cedar deck to become more beautiful.


Trex® decking is an amazing alternative to traditional wood. Also known as composite decking, Trex® provides you with the rustic wood look without the maintenance. You can expect your Trex® deck to last for decades, with no need for extensive staining, resealing or wood-rot maintenance.

Trex® decking is also made of recycled and reclaimed materials, making it a sustainable and earth-friendly choice for your deck.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood undergoes a sophisticated chemical process that places preservatives deep in the wood. As a result, a pressure-treated wood deck is rot-resistant, insect-resistant and lasts for years. Stratton Exteriors is proud to provide our clients with pressure-treated wood deck staining and sealing so your deck stays beautiful and structurally sound.

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