Whether you are looking to buy, sell or have plans on staying in your home for the long haul, chances are the thought of a kitchen remodel has crossed your mind. Times, technologies and styles certainly change and an up-to-date kitchen is a prominent desire for any homeowner. That being said, a complete kitchen overhaul doesn’t come cheap. With so many aspects to consider, it’s important to have a good idea of which ones will garner you the most bang for your buck. Here are the 5 kitchen upgrades that yield the best return:


1401_9Appliances Unless you are the next Food Network Star, chances are you don’t need to be shelling out substantial amounts of money for commercial grade appliances. However, bottom of the line refrigerators, ranges and washing machines may not offer the money-saving benefits of more energy efficient models. Also, keep in mind that not only do stainless steel appliances look good, but also they are a notable characteristic preferred by today’s home-buyers.


Lighting A little can go a long way when it comes to kitchen light fixtures. You can change the look of the room with a larger, statement piece and you may also want to consider under cabinet lighting for an inexpensive but impactful upgrade.


Stone Countertops Yes ,granite still matters. If you are considering a countertop makeover and plan on putting your home on the market within a few years, granite countertops are a selling point. Avoid any gaudy patterns and don’t think that you have to spend a lot to have the best of the best. There are a myriad of options to choose from now a days so don’t be afraid to shop around.


1401_8An Open Floor Plan Open floor plans are a great selling point for the homebuyer looking to entertain. Consider removing your kitchen’s island or knocking down a non-supporting wall to open up your home.


Color SchemeLockeland-4 A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive and most impactful upgrades you can do to your kitchen. And given its low-cost appeal, feel free to get creative with your color options. Keep in mind however, that although bold paint can be a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen, keeping it neutral is usually the way to go if you’re looking to sell. Not everyone may find that bright shade of purple as appealing as you do.


Life happens in the kitchen. Between meal times and entertaining, the kitchen is the hub of your home. If you’re looking to sell and want to add value to your home or if you’re looking to stick around for a while and just want to enjoy your kitchen to its greatest capacity, consider giving one or all of the above upgrades a try. Feel free to give Stratton Exteriors a call regarding any questions you may have for your kitchen upgrade. We’ll be happy to help guide you in the direction that will work best for you.